Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Kylie Jenner Inspired Lips

I try not to get sucked in by beauty and blogger hype but when it comes to the Kylie Jenner lip craze; I couldn’t help but be a part of it. I’ve lusted over Kylie’s instagram for a while now, although personally I think she’s taking it a bit far in recent photos (just me?), and when the hushes started about what she was wearing on her lips, I knew I had to get it. 

‘Apparently’ Kylie uses MAC Whirl and Soar lip liner and MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick. When Dan’s mum recently asked me, before jetting off on holiday, if there was anything I wanted from duty free, I knew what to ask for! I decided to go for Soar instead of Whirl because it has slightly more pink tones (rather than so brown) to it, which I personally prefer. 

I have been LOVING wearing this lip look lately, which involves lining all over the lips with Soar, swishing over with Velvet Teddy and finishing up with MAC Please Me. I have to touch it up with Please Me as it’s my all time favourite shade and I think for my skin tone, I need to add a bit of pink. 

Rimmel have two great dupes for this look; one being the Lasting Finish pencil in Spice, which I haven’t personally tried and the Exaggerate Lipliner in East End Snob, which is already been gracing my lips in the last week as it was a new bargain purchase. 

Although I’m not 100% sure this suits me, I have received so many lovely comments on my Instagram and recent video where I’ve been donning this combination. What do you think of this dusky brownie pinky lip look? 


  1. Love your take on the Jenner lip. I definitely prefer Soar over Whirl and the more rosy coloured lip colours rather than the brown, for this trend.

    Rachill //

  2. It suits you! Nice and very girly look!

  3. Love this, the colour is just stunning x

  4. You look absolutely gorgeous! Love this makeup look xx

  5. Looks so nice on you. Really makes your eyes pop.
    Also, loving the new blog design x

  6. This looks amazing on you! We have a similar skin tone so I think I'll need to try this out :) Please Me is also my favourite.. it's such a beautiful colour :) xx

  7. I think it looks lovely! When Pixiwoo interviewed Kim K, she said that Kylie wears Soar more than Whirl so you're definitely on to a winner :) xx

  8. It is stunning on you! I don't think I have seen anyone look bad with these lip colours on, might be something that is just universally flattering!



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