Sunday, 20 July 2014

primark haul in pictures #7

Palm print jumpsuit- £15, Boots- £15, Boho style top- £10, Sandles- £5, Floral head band- £2.50, 
V-neck tees- £4, Silk tank tops- £4, Leopard print slip-ons- £7, Pink bag- £8, Purse- £5, 
Headphones- £8, Hair ties- £1.50 each

As most of you know, I love a good Primark shop and I was starting to get withdrawal symptoms so I decided to take some other bits back and have a look around. I got some lovely pieces and I couldn't wait to share them with you.

Aswell as getting some basic v-neck tshirts and silky tank tops, I fell in love with this palm print jumpsuit and the chunky heeled chelsea boots. I didn't think the jumpsuit would suit my short figure but actually, I think it's pretty flattering. I am obsessed with boots and I own far too many but I just couldn't walk away from the chunky-goodness of these.

I continued the summery theme with this very Boho lacey top, the black Birkenstock-style sandles and the extremely pretty floral crown. The top isn't very 'me' but there was just something I loved about it and I think it'll look great with denim shorts.

These leopard print slip-ons are something I had seen on Primark's Instagram and I just knew I needed to add them to my collection to spruce up a casual outfit. They're also super comfy!

Primark are killing it in the accessories department lately and I love all these little bits I got, including the Mulberry-esque purse and the cute pink headphones and bag. I couldn't not grab these amazing little hair accessories which have the loveliest patterns on them.

What do you think of the bits I got?


  1. love the bag and the purse! xx

  2. The purse is so pretty. I can't wait to see you rock the jumpsuit!

  3. Love the pieces you picked up, especially the Boho lacy top and the jumpsuit. Your Primark haul posts are one of favourites!! Always makes me want to rush out to Primark!!


  4. The purse is really pretty!

  5. love the boots so much, i actually tried them on & almost bought them but i'm on a spending ban wah! the palm print playsuit is amazingggg, love that theres so much palm print around atm! i also picked up the pink structured bag a few weeks ago its so so pretty & fits a decent amount in! i agree with you about primark killing it on the accessory front, so many amazing pieces in atm! (:

    L x // bloglovin'

  6. Great picks! I can never find anything nice in my local primark!

    Sam xo sjmcdf xo

  7. Why do my primark buys never look as amazing ha it's not fair, love the pink satchel! x


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