Monday, 6 May 2013

my current wishlist.

Most of you will know by now that I'll be off to America for three weeks in a month which means I've been saving more and splurging less. Unfortunately this means that I've got a lot of goodies going round in my head screaming "buy me"...but I can't!

1. River Island Cream Jacquard Contrast Panel Skater Dress: Another thing a lot of you might know is that I love a good skater dress or skirt, they're just so flattering. I love the paisley pattern to this dress and the black panelling at the waist, it would be perfect for a BBQ or evening out.

2. REN Pore Minimising Detox Mask: I am seriously pining for some REN in my life and so is my skin. I'm not a huge user of skincare, luckily I don't have too many problems with my skin but after reading and watching too much of Kate, I am really wanting to up my game. I think this Pore Minimising mask would be perfect for me, I do have pretty big and noticeable pores and I'm pretty lazy when it comes to routine so I would enjoy the minimal effort of slapping a bit of this on now and again!

3. Marc Jacobs Daisy Sunshine Eau De Toilette: This is a bit of a funny one because I absolutely love my Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy but I think I've got so used to it that I can't actually smell it on me anymore. I'm really wanting another perfume so I can mix it up a bit but I haven't actually quite settled on one yet. I do really love the smell of this perfume but I'm worried it might be a bit too sweet and I would quite like to get a perfume rather than a toilette because I think that might solve the problem.

4. Topshop Hippy Woven Detail Sandles in Tan: These are more of a recent want but I went to do a bit of essential (ish) shopping for America and I happened to try on the black version of these. I couldn't quite make my mind up about them but after looking on the website, I've definitely fallen in love with the tan versions. I think the black ones were just a bit too much for my milky white legs. They were super comfy and I don't think the price is all too bad for Topshop, unfortunately I don't think I will have the money to get these for my trip.

5. Estee Lauder Eye Shadow Duo in Raisins: This was actually on my last wishlist but after still lusting over it, I decided to put it back in again. I just love the look of this palette and I think it would make my life a lot easier with having just two shadows in a palette. Swoooon.

6. Laura Mercier Silk Crème Foundation in Rose Ivory: This is a bit more 'practical' as I use this amazing foundation every day but I'm slightly worried it's going to come to an end soon, but with the £33 price tag, I can't just grab it and go. I'm praying my current one holds out a bit longer because I will be rather sad when it runs out.

7. ASOS Smock Dress in Tie Dye: I love this dress, I think it would be great for hot weather and would look great with a cute hat and sandles. I love the pattern and the colours are gorgeous.

8. Barry M Hi Shine Gel Nail Polish: I already have a couple of these but I would love to add a pink one to my collection. I think the formula of these are amazing, they look super shiny and stay on for ages. Perfect for this sunnier weather too.

I hope you like my latest wishlist...I certainly do!


  1. I really want to try the Marc Jacobs perfume, but I didn't even know if it was out in the UK yet?! Lol. x

  2. I love that dress as well :). I did a how i would style post on it. Which ended up in me purchasing it.


  3. A few of these are also on my wishlist, I really want to try some of the Marc Jacobs daisy perfume- at least for the bottle if not anything else. The asos tye dye dress is so cute too :)


  4. I have been thinking about wearing make up, but don't know where to start. I have bought items before but after I put them on I think I look like a clown and wipe it all off. Just wondering if you have any suggestions as to what I should start off with?


    Please check out my blog and YouTube :)

  5. i love tan sandals in the summer, i have a pair from primark but they're looking a little worse for wear! might have to pick up that topshop pair! xxx

  6. I've been eyeing up that very same skater dress for a while now but can't help but feel it's a little expensive! Or maybe that's just me and my inner bargain queen! Hope you've enjoyed the bank holiday weekend lovely :)

    louisejoyb x

  7. Thank you all for your lovely comments, means a lot, I'm glad you like my picks! Why doesn't money grow on trees?

    Lorilee I would suggest getting a good foundation first, perhaps Bourjois Healthy Mix might be a good start and a nice blusher, I would recommend Sleek. Then check out Rimmel or Revlon's mascaras. xx

  8. Love the sandals, Some lovely pick, just a shame getting it all is so expensive!

    Pipp xx

  9. Adore the dresses! :)
    Kelly xo

  10. Hi lovely,

    Beautiful haul. The pink Gelly polish you want to add to your collection is my favourite. Love all the Gellys!

    I love your blog. Now following you on GFC & bloglovin'.
    I'm having a giveaway for a beauty hamper on my blog and would love it if you had a look!
    I look forward to your next post. xx

  11. I've been looking at Raisins too. It's such a pretty palette! <3
    I love reading your posts x


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