Sunday, 2 December 2012

something on a sunday: my weekend outfit

So this weekend I have managed to get away from uni stress and went to my gorgeous friend Megan's (Meg's Budget Boutique) birthday weekend. It involved a five hour journey (train and coach) each way to get there, which was the slight downfall but my friend Lydia was my much needed travel companion.

I had a lovely time, seeing my 'besties' and we had such a laugh. I thought I would show you what I wore on Saturday night when we went out. I really like this blue velvet skater dress but I wanted to add a collar, so with some lace and my mum's brilliant skills, I enhanced the dress with a cute peter pan collar!

Dress: New Look
Boots: ASOS
Bag: Topshop

My beautiful girls.
Emma, Moi, Lydia and Megan
(excuse the tipsy pouts)

I had a lovely weekend but now I have to crack on with horrible uni essays before I break up for Christmas.

Did you all have good weekends and who else likes to alter clothes like me?


  1. I love the collar that you added, definitely gives the dress a little something extra!

    Glad you had a good weekend, I hate long train journeys, it's always better when you have someone with you!

    Charlotte xo

  2. I love the dress and very clever adding the collar!

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  3. Love your mum's craftiness, the collar really does complete the dress, you're looking beaut.xx

  4. Thanks for your lovely comments Sam and Lucy :) xx

  5. Such a pretty dress, love that you've added the collar to it makes it even more beautiful! Love your blog btw I'm following you now :) xx


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