Sunday, 25 November 2012

something on a sunday: my favourites

Hi everyone, I hope you have all had a good weekend. Mine has been alright but I am having major stress issues; I basically have 7000 words (two essays) to write in three weeks which is starting to get to me a bit. Third year is really kicking my butt so I really do apologise if my blogging is a little lacking lately but I will try my best to keep it up!

Anyway moving on to my three favourite products at the moment which are all from Soap & Glory. I was a bit of a Soap & Glory virgin up until recently and decided to treat myself to three products in the 3 for 2 offer at Boots. So enjoy my thoughts on The Scrub of Your Life, Pulp Friction and Scrub Your Nose In It.

So as you can see I bought three scrubs which may seem a bit strange but I've never used a scrub as part of my daily routine before. I had heard good things about all three of these so I was rather excited to try them.

SOAP & GLORY SCRUB OF YOUR LIFE Now I have to admit that this is actually my favourite out of the three. I was convinced to buy this from Tanya Burr who had mentioned it in a video and I'm so glad I did. It smells BEAUTIFUL, it's so fruity, fresh and sweet, yum! Now if you don't like really sweet smelling things then this may not be the scrub of your life but it's definately mine. It doesn't just smell great, it foams up really nicely in the shower and it leaves you feeling so soft when you come out of the shower. It really is amazing and I can't recommend it enough. In fact I've already put this on my Christmas list because I don't want to run out!

SOAP AND GLORY PULP FRICTION This is another scrub that I had heard lots about and I fancied giving it a go. It definitely gives you the same results as The Scrub of Your Life, in regards to smoothness but it doesn't smell as good to me. This is a much better scrub for someone that prefers more sofisticated smells, but it is a lovely product nonetheless.

SOAP & GLORY SCRUB YOUR NOSE IN IT I think I've mentioned it on the blog before but I have trouble with the skin on my nose and the pores so I was interested to try this. The scent is very different to both of the other scrubs with a minty ingredient to it. You can actually feel this product working as it makes your face feel fresh and revitalised. It can be used as a mask aswell which is another really nice idea. I do think it reduces the bad pores on my nose and I like to use it as part of my facial routine now so again I would recommend this to anybody with nose trouble!

Who else loves these products as much as me? I can't like them enough, the packaging is so unique and retro which is another reason why they are a must have in my collection.


  1. I have nose trouble! I use Soap and Glory's Deep Pore Purifying T-Zone, but I feel it's a waste as the wipes are so big just to use mainly on my nose! I'll definitely think about getting this :)

  2. I always hear great things about Soap & Glory scrubs, will have to try one someday! Now you got me interested in the Scrub Your Nose In It one since I have large pores on my nose x

  3. I love all three of these products! I'm a massive Soap and Glory fan, I couldn't live without them!

    Lucy Loves To Blog


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