Sunday, 30 September 2012

something on a sunday: autumn picks

Hello everyone!
So this is my second post for my new feature 'something on a sunday'. Today I'm bringing you my Autumn picks...what I like and what I hope you might like in the stores at the moment.
I've decided to pick my favourite five of jumpers, boots, jackets and coats...everything you'll need for a cold Autumn's day.
I hope you like the items I'm sharing. 

Topshop knitted camouflage jumper (£40)- I really love this. It's different and I bet it's rather cosy
Topshop knitted nep texture jumper (£36)- A lovely coloured essential
Topshop knitted multi bobble jumper (£50)- I love the unusual pattern in this, shame it's pricey!
River Island pink cosmic print sweater (£30)- I think this is pretty and different
River Island bright coral jumper (£25)- This would be great to brighten a dull Autumn day

Topshop mighty black leather zip boots (£45)- I actually have these boots, they're so comfy and lovely
Topshop April classic chelsea boots (£62)- I'm loving the chelsea boot t
River Island black stud western boots (£70)- These are rather nice but pretty expensive
ASOS deny wedge high top trainers (£36)- I know these are an odd choice but high tops seem to be coming back in and I bet they're warm
New Look teen studded boots (£22.99)- These are actually from the teen section of New Look but they're really pretty

River Island grey funnel neck coatigan (£65)- I keep eyeing this coatigan but I think it would swamp me but I still love it
Topshop textured fur collar boyfriend coat (£110)- This is amazing but too expensive for me
River Island red pu sleeve fall away biker jacket (£55)- I love this jacket and it also comes in grey (although it's not online)
New Look monochrome print waterfall knit coat (£59.99)- This is really unusual for New Look, I think it's rather amazing
River Island grey mixed yarn slouch blazer (£50)- Very similar to the first but different specks of colour

I hope you like my Autumn picks. The boots are all black I realise because that's what I tend to go for. If you fancy brown then there's still plenty to choose from.

Thank you for reading!


  1. Ooh I love the jumpers :) With the first Topshop boots do they mark easily? As each time I've gone to get a pair they are really marked so it's put me off :(


  2. Glad you like them :) I don't find them bad. I have put swede protector on them cause they're slightly like swede so that's helped I think! They don't stay perfect but I think that's why they're nice :) xx

  3. Love the slouchy River Island blazer and the classic topshop chelsea boots.

    Lucy Loves To Blog


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