Wednesday, 5 September 2012

holiday outfits


Sorry I have been absent the past week or so, I have been on holiday! I went to Cyprus with my boyfriend and his family and it was so lovely. It was so hot there so it was really hard to know what to wear but I got my boyfriend to take pictures of me before we went out in the evenings, so here's a little peak into my holiday wardrobe...

Dress: Topshop (charity shop)
Sandles: New Look
Bag: Topshop
Top: H&M
Skirt: New Look (sale)
Belt: Primark
Bag: Topshop
Top: H&M
Skirt: Topshop
Belt: my Dad's
Sandles: New Look
Dress: ASOS (sale)
Sandles: Primark
Bag: Topshop
The last outfit is probably my favourite outfit because I love the dress so much. There's something about a white dress when you're tanned, which is why I wore it near the end of my holiday!

I thought I would show you some 'outtakes' because my boyfriend Dan got rather fed up with me bossing him about with the photos, so there's some pretty funny ones. He's very tall, so many of the pictures were at such a high angle (hence picture three). Enjoy...

lol/Dan mimicking me/taking high angle to the extreme/oops

I hoped you liked my photos!

Would anybody like to see any general snaps from my holiday?
I'm also thinking about doing a post about the products I took on holiday and how they faired.


  1. Great outfits!
    Love the topshop (charity shop) dress! :)

    I wouldnt mind seeing some general pictures and the products you took with you post. As I am going away at the end of september I can get a few ideas :)

  2. Thank you very much Emily, a real find I think!
    Okeys thanks for your opinion, I will do the posts I mentioned so keep a look out! :) xx

  3. Love the outfits! And a general post would be good to see :D

    style sincerity


  4. I'm sat here laughing at your out takes! and yay for general holiday posts :) xxx

  5. Love the outfits Faye, my fav's the maxi skirt, sucha nice print. And that Toppers charity shop dress looks so great on you, yay :) xx


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