Monday, 24 October 2011

fur fun

Fur Collar: H&M
Leather Jacket: Primark
Top: All Saints
Leggings: Primark

This is quite a late night post for me but I really wanted to share my faux fur collar with you which I wore today because I love it SO much and I keep wearing it. I just love how it's so easy to wear and it's so cute but sofisticated. I have put the link above but I think it was £12.99 which I personally think is well worth it. It's got a lovely silk lining and it has a clip to clasp the two ends together.

I'm also wearing my orangey/red leggings which were £3 from Primark and I have worn them a few times as they are a nice alternative to my usual boring black leggings. I have always wanted coloured jeans/trousers but I find with my biggish legs they really don't flatter me or fit me nicely so these are a lovely substitute. Although they are quite thin on the bum, they are pretty good quality.

Anybody else loving the fur at the moment? 


  1. Love the faux fur look for winter, suits you alot!!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  2. I have that collar too, it's so good for updating clothes :) great jacket! and super neat hair, as per!! haha

  3. Fur collar looks really lovely-and vey warm! Great alternative to a scarf x

  4. Love the fur collar, i really want one but i dont know if id ever actually wear it!

  5. Looks so nice and stylish :)

  6. Angie: aww cool! I know it's so good!! And aww thank you :) xx
    Lara: Thanks! Definately great alternative to scarf :) xx
    Zoe: Aww I thought that but I wear it all the time! Maybe you should try one on and see what you think, thanks for commenting :) xx


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