Sunday, 25 January 2015


I am seriously loving living in our own place. Not only can we eat and do what we want, but we can create our own space, exactly how we want it. I have been thinking about how I'd want my own space for a while now, so I'd slowly been putting together a mood board, which I've shown you above. Some bits are items that I wanted before we had them and others I added in once we had purchased them. Some things we still haven't got or won't get but this is the look I was going for. 

Pinterest is where I get my main inspiration but I love the general homey feel with random pops of colour and copper pieces. The Duck Egg Floorlamp from The Range has to be one of my favourite items as it was such a reasonable price compared to others around. Our IKEA sofa was something we weren't originally sold on but after trawling sofa shops weekend after weekend, we kept coming back to it, and I'm glad we did as it's super comfy.  

I thought I would start introducing you to our flat, little spaces at a time. I am loving putting everything together and adding bits as we go. These pendant lampshades from Dunelm Mill were another lovely touch we added recently and I think they fit perfectly. We have yellow ones in the lounge area and duck egg blue ones elsewhere in the place. 

The dining table is another favourite of mine and this is actually a second hand IKEA one which we got for a great price! The chairs were originally from Tesco but I think they go perfectly; I love the shape of the backs.

I can't wait to share more areas of the flat with you when we get more of the rooms settled, but for now I hope you like this taster. Let me know if you enjoy homey posts. I recently did a home haul on my YouTube where I showed lots of new accessories we bought for the flat.  


  1. Hi Faye! I love the bits you've got for your living room so far, the flat looks lovely! How did you create the image with all the items you've bought put together? Was it a website or app or did you just do it manually? Loving all the flat updates! X

    1. Thanks for your comment lovely! I used Pages on my MacBook so manually :) x

  2. I love the feel you've got going on in your flat, especially the blue lamp! Can't wait to see the rest. I'm living in a rented flat at the moment so I honestly can't wait to move into somewhere that I can actually have some creativity about and make my own!

    Laura |

    1. Ours is rented too so I don't want to do anything too permanent! It's all about the accessories ;) x

  3. I LOVE your sofa!

  4. Such beautiful items you have! Exactly my style


  5. Gorgeous flat! Love the bits you've bought!

    Katy x x

  6. Aww that looks so cute! Exactly my style, not too overpowering but still plenty of character.

    The Crown Wings

  7. i saw in your vlogs too, but your flat is coming together so nicely! i cant wait to decorate a space of my own (outside of my book-filled, hand-me-down uni apartment)!! x

    Natalie / Salt & Sail

  8. I love the style of your flat. the colour palette is really beautiful. It's colourful but not too bright. I would happily decorate my place exactly like that. Thank you for sharing.

    Just popped by to let you know i have nominated you for The Very inspiring Blogger Award. You can check out my post about it here:

    xx Dandy

  9. So happy for you Faye! It looks beautiful so far and I can only imagine how it will look when you get everything else that you want in there :)

    Beka. xo

  10. White wood, pastels and grey is exactly my taste, love it X

  11. White wood, pastels and grey is exactly my taste, love it X

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