Sunday, 5 October 2014

favourite photo editing apps

This is a bit of a different post from me, I like to try and mix up my blog a bit and I personally enjoy these more helpful and useful blog posts. So I thought I would do a post on my favourite photo editing apps as we all love the perfect Instagram! 

Afterlight, 69p: I started using this a few months after I could't get the perfect effect I wanted using the Instagram filters. There's so so many different filters to choose from on here and I also love to use the brightening function on it. There's also cropping, frames and different colour alteration options. This is the app I go to add brightness and a little filter before I go to Instagram. 

PhotoCollage, free: This is my go-to app for a collage; I love using this for outfit or holiday collages. There's lots of different options, but it's also so simple, which is why it's my favourite, and the best part is that it's free! If you look at my Instagram you can see how much I use this app and all it's varieties!

Whitagram, free: Sometimes it's nice not to have to crop a photo into a square, so in comes this little beauty. I think there's lots of different variants of this app but this is the one I prefer to use. It's extremely simple and there's not much to it other than adding in the photo and it creating a white border. No fuss!

Canon CameraWindow, free: This one isn't quite as exciting or pretty but it's an 'essential' for me sometimes; if I've taken a decent photo on my DSLR I'll want to Instagram it straight away. This is when it comes in handy carrying my vlogging camera round too, so I'll switch the memory cards and connect my Canon S110 to a wifi connection, then to this app and hey presto, I've got my photos on my phone. It sounds a bit of a palava but sometimes I feel it necessary to get to my photos quickly and the app is super helpful. 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I hope it helps any of you or made you fancy trying out one of the apps. Please let me know your favourite photo apps to use so I can keep editing and playing around! 

My September favourites will be up next so watch out for that. 


  1. Thank you for this post! I always enjoy finding out how other people edit their photos. And I gotta say, I really enjoy using after light as well!

  2. I've never heard of Canon CameraWindow! Sounds like something I need to try :)

    Ana Leote

  3. Those are some great apps. I do use Aftelight to enhance the natural effects as brightness. That one is a total thumbs up.
    Also, there are some other that have been really useful to me and which I can't live without.

    Moldiv: For great and creative collage. Very elegant.

    Typic: My daily favorite. Lots of beautiful fonts, frames and symbols. No many filters but this app has helped me make my pics look a little more elegant.

    PicLab: A must have. Lots of filters, frames, gorgeous fonts.

    And those are some of my favorite editing apps before Instagram.
    Hope you like them as much as I do in case you decide to give them a try.

    Good editing!

  4. That's the second recommendation I've seen for Afterlight! Definitely going to have to spend those 69 pennies...

    Much love from one Faye to another

  5. I've been meaning to download Whitagram for some time now - thanks to you I've finally gotten round to it :) I've been looking for ways to enhance the quality of my blog photos without saving up for a pricey camera and so I'm looking forward to using Afterlight. Although I will probably cave and buy a good camera within the next year or so knowing me!

    Shannon Stacey Blog x


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