Sunday, 19 October 2014

Autumn Get Ready With Me

Autumn is definitely my favourite month of all; I get so excited about the crisp weather, the pretty coloured trees and the leaves flying everywhere. I just think it's such a special time with lots of exciting things ahead like bonfire night and Christmas. I thought I would film an Autumn inspired makeup look, finished with my hair and an Autumnal outfit!

I used some of my favourite makeup products like the Estee Lauder eye shadow palette in Raisins and Rimmel 107 lipstick, although I think I've found a new winter lipstick I'm in love with, but more on that later!

I also used this pretty bronze pigment from Maybelline which I think I unfortunately got from America and may be unavailable, here but I know Rimmel do an amazing copper/bronze shadow stick. 

I hope you enjoy watching me get ready for Autumn! This weekend has been spent filming videos with Megan, which will be up on my channel next week and chilling with Dan, it's been lovely! Today, fittingly, it has been the perfect Autumn day. 


  1. The Estee Lauder duo is stunning, I love the cranberry shade!

  2. I have that lipstick! Such a nice shade for Autumn! :) xx


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