Monday, 8 September 2014

edinburgh part one

I’ve mentioned on my blog before that Dan and I took a road trip (an eight hour one) to Edinburgh for five days for our anniversary. I took quite a lot of photos so I wanted to share our time with you. Our first stop was Arthur’s Seat as the weather was really good that day and we wanted to enjoy it as much as possible. I was a bit worried about the trek up to the top but I managed to get right to the peak in Vans so I wouldn’t worry if you’re thinking about it! Although, it was quite dry and sunny and it would be pretty slippery if it wasn’t! The views were pretty lovely as you can see and we had a mini picnic on the way down.

After stopping for a Starbucks we went and explored The Royal Mile and Grassmarket. I really fell in love with the architecture in Edinburgh and I felt it was very Parisian, especially with these cute cafes.

I loved this quaint street off Grassmarket, the colourful buildings were so lovely. Dan was desperate to go to a well reviewed juice and smoothie bar called Hula which we ended up visiting twice that day, the first time was for a smoothie and brownie stop and the next was for lunch where we had these amazing cajun wraps. I would highly recommend this little place. Watch out for the Edinburgh vlogs so you can see the smoothies. We also took a trip to the National Museum of Scotland that day as it wasn’t far from where we were. 

I thought I would finish the first part of the Edinburgh series with a little view of the street we stayed on. We found this amazing apartment on Airbnb which was situated on this beautiful street called Abercromby Place. It was in walking distance to most things but far enough away for a little quietness and escape. It was our first experience of using Airbnb and it all went smoothly so I would definitely use it again. You can see a flat tour on the upcoming vlogs as I forgot to take photos of the apartment (oops). 

I hope you enjoyed my first post and photos of Edinburgh and make sure you're following to see the rest! 


  1. lovely photos, sounds like you had a lovely trip xx

  2. Oh wow, Edinburgh looks so beautiful! I've never been there before but this blog posts has definitely made me want to, it looks like you had a wonderful time Faye :) xx

  3. Hello Faye, I found your blog through Stacie's post about the blog awards and I'm so glad I did. I live in Edinburgh and you got some beautiful photos of my city. I must try out Hula, never heard of it before but it sounds amazing!
    Water Painted Dreams xo


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