Sunday, 17 August 2014

get ready with me- summer everyday

I thought I would share my latest video with you as people really seem to enjoy Get Ready With Me videos. I also spent a lot of time filming and editing it so I would for people to take a look and give it a bit of love. It's based around a fresh, summery look that can be worn everyday (or evening) and I talk you through my whole makeup routine, hair and my outfit choice. 

I hope you like my video! I'm currently typing up a 'deep' blog post as I need a bit of a chat with you guys. Stay tuned for that. 


  1. I really love this look and that lip combination looks lovely on you. x

  2. Great look, the lipstick and blush work well together and really suit you.
    I have the same benifits eyeliner and I'm still getting used to it to lol


  3. Really nice look ! The lipstick color looks really good on you :)

    Andrea x

  4. Hi Faye. Apologies for the question about a really old video, but do you have any recollection of what lipstick you were wearing in your September 2013 Favourites video? It's a gorgeous peachy colour.

  5. I'm always amazed ( in a good way) by your make-up. Every time it looks so natural, lovely, fresh and just soooooo pretty! I wish my face would look like that, that would be a darn good thing :) I adored the video!

    Celine //


  6. Looooved this vlog, I don't tend to watch many vlogs but I really love your make up looks. Been hunting for a good eye illuminater as my dark circles are horrendous ! The one you use looks great, will definitely go try that out in Boots. ....and the lipstick from t'other post ;)
    Your blog has been such a great find!
    Betty x
    The Betty Stamp


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