Wednesday, 2 July 2014

smelling expensive on a budget

Recently I’ve been wanting to expand my perfume collection; for a long time I’ve always been a one-scent kinda’ girl but I realised how nice it is to have different perfumes to choose from, especially with the changing seasons and your personal mood- it’s nice to have options. I rarely like to buy perfume for myself because I see it as a great gift so I tend to ask for it for a special occasion, but after reading and hearing about Next’s perfume range across some of my favourite blogs, I realised I should investigate.

When I first looked at the range I couldn’t believe the bargain prices- £7.50 for a 30ml bottle of Eau De Parfum?! A few days later I rushed into my nearest Next and ogled at all the pretty bottles, but which one to choose? Unfortunately they don’t seem to display testers (but that could just be the shop I went to) so it was a bit of 'Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Mo'.  I decided to go with the one I had heard the most about and the one that sounded like it suited my taste the most- Just Pink, L’Eau with A delicate blend with fresh fruits & aquatic florals encased in soft musks.

I personally find this is a lot more floral than fruity but I was so impressed as soon as I gave it its first spritz; not only does it smell lovely, it lasted such a long time (surprisingly well for its price tag!).  I also adore the packaging- I think the rose gold is so pretty and it just looks so lovely, I think the bottle is worth £7.50 on its own!

I’m so impressed with this little bottle of goodness, mainly for the price tag; it can’t really be faulted for less than £10. I can’t wait to try some of the other scents now and expand my collection further. Have any of you tried the Next’s perfumes? 

*This post isn't sponsered, lol.


  1. I like your not sponsored disclaimer, lol! Haven't heard of this perfume before, but I'm sure I heard about Next somewhere, most likely the blogosphere. I'm not a perfume addict of any sort, so I do like a good perfume bargain!

  2. Such a bargain, the bottle looks so luxurious too!

  3. Super tempted to go sniff shopping now! :) lol

  4. This is perfect because I have just run out of my favourite perfume!!
    All Things Danielle...

  5. I love Next's Perfumes & Candles, they seem to have it spot on when it comes to scents! You should try Gold by Next that perfume smells a lot like Hugo Boss Orange but is a fraction of the price! They do lovely gift sets at christmas time too. Also I find the Cashmere perfume smells a lot like Versace Crystal!
    Little Babe


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