Sunday, 1 June 2014

floral shorts & chocolate pudding

Ebay bag

This weekend has been filled with wearing in my holiday floral shorts, indulging in naughty chocolate pudding, continually staring at my gorgeous birthday tulips, holiday shopping and lots of eating. 

I really want to start doing a lot more lifestyle photo posts, I'm constantly inspired by other blogs, and one of my favourites has to be Rosie's blog, The Londoner, which is filled with beautiful photo-heavy posts. Along with bugging Dan to take these outfit photos for me, I tried to take photos of my favourite bits of the weekend, although I didn't do very well with getting more than three! The rest of my weekend was filled with last minute holiday shopping in Primark, as well as trying to hunt down a white blazer-which I eventually did in Uniqlo, eating Nandos, going to the cinema and going for a run (so not particularly photo worthy). 

I've mentioned briefly before but I'm off to Cyprus on Friday so I'm trying to get a lot of blog and Youtube things done before I go. I've got something exciting planned on my YouTube channel on Wednesday so you may want to be subscribed, but I'll let you know on here too. I'm also going to share what I got from Primark tomorrow so watch out for that. I literally cannot wait to go on holiday, I've bought so many clothes 'for holiday' so I think I'll be taking a few outfit pictures while I'm there! The pair of shorts I'm wearing above are intended for holiday but I actually think I prefer them with a pair of tights and boots than my pasty bare legs. Let me know what you think. 

I've posted my May Favourites video today too so go check that out if you fancy it!

It's actually the last day to vote in the Cosmopolitan blog awards so if you fancy giving my blog or YouTube a vote, I would really appreciate it! 


  1. Looking amazing Faye, have a great holiday! x

  2. I hope you have a wonderful holiday, and the shorts look lovely x

  3. I love more lifestyle posts too! I'm trying to write a few more on my blog as well :) Loving the shorts! I hope you have a lovely holiday :) Aimee X

  4. Lovely! What lipstick are you wearing?? x


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