Sunday, 18 May 2014

healthier and happier

I didn’t know whether I wanted to do a blog post about this or not but after quite a few girls favourite my tweet about it, I thought it might be interesting to at least one person. Along with the journey in general, I’m mainly writing this for me.  

I’ve always been a curvy girl, with ‘bigger’ hips and thighs and with being 5ft short tall, I would say I’ve struggled in the past to accept that I won’t be that model looking girl. But over the last couple of years, with the help of women like Kelly Brook and Katy Perry, I’ve accepted that my figure is just me, and there’s nothing I can change about that and I’m quite happy to have womanly curves. I’ve never been a particularly athletic girl and I’ve never enjoyed exercise so after leaving school and going through university, my weight slowly started to come on. Now I’m by no way saying that it was really obviously, but when I started looking back at photos, I realised the older I was getting, the fuller I was becoming- but don’t we all? 

It wasn’t up until January this year that I realised I had become quite unhappy with myself and my body; I think I was using my curviness as an excuse, but I had started to look unhealthy. I started my first full time job in September 2013 and I found myself buying pasties (gross), crisps, chocolate, fruit drinks and mochas on my lunch, without even thinking about it much. I would say for about 5-6 months my skin started to break out and I was experiencing more spots than I had ever before. It wasn’t just how I looked, it was how I was feeling. I didn’t think about it much at the time but I had started to ignore my body; I would get changed as quickly as possible and avoid the mirror at all costs. I found myself becoming less confident in my body which definitely resulted in me being unhappy in other things. Smock dresses became my best friend; I’m not saying this is a bad thing but I was definitely trying to cover things up. I hadn’t even put that much weight on but it was more about the mental side that I wasn’t happy with.  

I’ve tried diets before and most recently my Mum and I had tried the 5:2 diet. It worked at first but after about 5 weeks I was left feeling really disheartened, especially when it was working really well for my Mum. In January I decided to look in the mirror and I wasn’t very happy with what I saw; I also weighed myself and I realised I was the heaviest I had ever been (not everyone advises weighing yourself but for me this has helped me keep track). Around this time Dan’s Mum started Slimming World and I was quite interested with the general concepts of it- potatoes, pasta, rice and much more was “free” to eat whereas biscuits, chocolate, crisps and bread were “syns”. I didn’t join Slimming World and I didn’t (and don’t) really follow it. The main concepts are that you are allowed 10-15 syns a day but when I realised that a Rocky Bar was 5.5 syns, I realised where I was going wrong. That packet of crisps and small chocolate bar every day had already nearly equated to my bad things for that day.  

I think it’s really important to say here that I’ve come to the realisation that everyone is different and when it comes to eating, things work in different ways for people. There’s a lot of diets and books out there that say “cut sugar” or “cut fat” which seems to work wonders for people but I knew this wouldn’t be realistic for me. I told myself to stop feeling guilty about a diet not working for me

Following the rough ideas of slimming world, I decided to stop taking crisps and chocolate to work and instead take an apple and a 0% fat (not worrying about sugar) yogurt with me. I would just like to say also that I am not a fruit lover unfortunately, but I have found the fruit that I enjoy- Golden Delicious apples for the win.  

For me, it was little things like cutting out sugar from my tea, eating brown pasta with tuna (and mayo) for lunch or baked beans on wholemeal toast and really thinking about what I was eating. Dan and I go to the cinema regularly so it’s easy to get into the habit of sharing a big bag of minstrels, or popcorn with coke but we decide to take water and I will take a low calorie breakfast bar instead. It’s not really about what I’m eating, it was more I wanted to munch on something. I tried to cut down on desserts and got into Mini Milks instead! Dan and I had also got into a bad habit of visiting tesco every Thursday evening and buying lots of naughty things which we have tried to cut down! 

As I said already I’m not one for exercise- I don’t enjoy running and the gym wasn’t fun enough to spend the money on. In March I joined a weekly dance/fitness class which I have been loving and I have really enjoyed every class. Not only is it fun but it has definitely helped me get fitter and tone up. I’ve also been giving the Wii Fit a go which I have enjoyed being able to do in my own home.  

Since starting this lifestyle change in late January I’ve lost 10lbs and I honestly can’t quite believe it. I’ve never lost this much weight before but it’s happened over a good few months. What I love is that I don’t worry at weekends, I tend to eat what I want and I never stop myself from eating something I want. I’ll eat biscuits, chocolate and crisps but now it’s in moderation and I think about what I’m eating first.  

As I said I haven’t spoken about this much and I haven’t made a big deal about it; my friends and family know I’ve been trying but it has been a slow (but steady and healthy) process and it’s been for my own benefit. I definitely have to say that I am so much more confident in my body and I am liking what I see in the mirror for once! I would never have worn a bodycon dress before but I bit the bullet a couple of months ago and I had some really lovely compliments. Because it’s been quite slow it’s not been very obvious to everyone but quite a few people have noticed which is so lovely to hear. I know people might think that I didn’t look overweight before but it had become about my unhappiness in myself and I want to be the best person (and have the best body) that I can. I have definitely become less tired and grumpy and I’ve definitely learnt to say no to things, especially puddings! 

I’m still continuing with this change of lifestyle and eating and I do have a final goal but I’m not expecting that to happen any time soon, I’m enjoying the steady progress for the moment. I was able to buy a pair of shorts in a size that I wouldn’t have been able to in about three years and I ran out the shop to tell Dan and I nearly cried; it’s the things like this that keep me going. The things that I changed won’t help everyone because everyone’s lifestyles are different and I totally get thatI just wanted to say to any girls that feel pressure from the media or any other people about ‘what’s best to eat’ then please don’t let it affect you. Find what’s right for you and stick with that and you’ll be much happier for it. Scientists change their mind all the time about what’s right and wrong so who’s to tell me what to eat? It’s not about comparing myself to models anymore, it’s about measuring my happiness and my body. 

I'm sorry if this was a bit long but it was one of those posts where I couldn't stop myself writing!


  1. you look great :) i have lost a similar amount recently and feel so much better! xx

  2. You look amazing. I have been feeling the same way recently, so I've decided to do pretty much what you're doing and just cut out all the crap and eat healthier. Well done babe!

  3. Really enjoyed this post! So glad you're feeling better about yourself :) xx

  4. Such a lovely post Faye. I'm currently trying to get fitter and adopt a healthier lifestyle and this post has really helped put things into perspective and understand it will take time so thank you! x

  5. I really needed to hear this today. I lost a lot of weight last year and then managed to put it all on again when I was unemployed. Now I feel so unhappy in my body but find it so hard to find the motivation to do anything about it! Thanks for this post of inspiration though, and well done :)! Aimee xx

  6. Congratualations Faye really happy for you, I've been feeling the same way and I use a website called depending how much how much you want to lose and how quickly etc you allocate calories then log it (only you see your log) then if you exercise you get more calories etc I find it really useful and exercise such as Yoga and then just playing frisbee with my friends or going for long walks for me also really helps, I like exercising if its fun :) Good luck to you xx

  7. Amazing post Faye!! You look gorgeous as usual :) <3 xx

  8. Well done! Your story is so inspirational. I think it goes to show that you don't need a fad diet or some kind of humungous lifestyle change to turn things around - it's great that you've just been realistic and that it's made you so happy :)

  9. Well done thats great, I have also had a wake up call that my hips are no longer curvy but more like muffin tops and am starting the slow process to lose weight and total agree that it should be in a way that's best for you, so thank you. p.s love your blog x

  10. Wow Faye! This post has been so inspirational and you seem to be going through something very similar to myself! I love your honesty and encouraging words. Lets face it what you said is realistic and more people need to know about lifestyle changes not being easy! I am on a journey too about getting a healthier and happier lifestyle, as I have womanly curves just like you, but I think (well I know I do) we don't see as features and being a good thing. Thank you and I love you blog too!
    Molly x

  11. Faye this post has helped me so much with my body issues I can't even explain how much! Thank you xx


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