Wednesday, 26 March 2014

simple spring

Shoes: Vans

This is definitely becoming one of those items of clothing that I know will look OK; if I’m ever stuck with what to wear, this comes out the drawer. 

Boohoo is fast becoming my favourite shop, I love all the patterns and styles and it is so reasonably priced. This was one of those dresses that I couldn’t stop going back to so I decided to go for it!

Smock and skater dresses are my favourite and this comes somewhere in between in my opinion. The pattern is really lovely and the material is quite light so it’s great for these sunnier days that will hopefully come! 

I actually took these photos when the sun was shining and it was fairly warm, hence the bare legs! When the sun starts shining I seem to reach for my Vans as they're just so comfy and easy to wear with skirts and dresses; I think I want to get some white one for this year. 

I hope you like my outfit.


  1. Love this dress, and you're looking incred at the moment, love the hair :)

    Sophie x

  2. I love the dress, it looks really cute with Vans (: It's nice to see bloggers wearing Vans and flat shoes, not always heels, it looks more real. xx

  3. I ADORE how this dress looks. We're still in the midst of winter here in Canada, but I cannot wait for spring and pretty dresses and converse shoes! x

  4. I love love love that dress Faye! So pretty and relaxed! x

  5. I love the dress! And am so jealous that you're wearing bare legs ... sun please come back!!

  6. Your dress is the cutest, love how summery this is! Wish it was actually warmer. It's still cold where I live. x

  7. Your figure is so much like mine, makes me feel happy you looking so great


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