Monday, 10 February 2014

Zara Office City Bag dupe

Coat: Primark
Dress: ASOS
Knitted headband: ASOS
Boots: Topshop
Bag: Primark

This outfit post is mainly dedicated to my new Primark bag which I have to say is a pretty good dupe of the original Zara Office City Bag. I have A LOT of bags but I never spend too much on one because I get bored of them so quickly and I like to mix them up a bit. 

I popped into Primark the other day and my eyes were drawn to this little beauty and I just couldn't walk away without it; at £12 I think it's a pretty good bargain compared to the Zara version (I'm sure not as good quality though). The bag has two zipped compartments which are either side of a main compartment, giving me enough room for lots of added extras!

I paired the bag with one of my favourite dresses which has been featured on the blog before and my cute little knitted headband with added ears! If you fancy seeing the outfit in action then you can watch the one minute outfit video I made above. 

Who's got their eye on this bag too?


  1. You are actually a life saver for posting this!! I saw a coral mini version of this in Primark in Westfield today but I'm super excited that they do this one as well - Will be manically searching for it in my Primark near college tomorrow!

    Sarah xx

  2. Thank you so much for this! I only realised how useful the Office City Bag would be about two weeks after everyone else did, at which point it was sold out. Definitely going to have a look for this! And I've been after the cat headband since I saw Zoe wearing it. I'm in love with your entire outfit!

    Beautiful Curiosities | Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion Blog

  3. Oh my goodness! I need to go to Primark! I've been lusting after the Zara City and I was willing to pay the price tag, but we all know it sells out stupid fast, it's just a bonus that this is just £12! Argh! Thank you for posting this!
    Lou Barker xo

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