Monday, 6 January 2014

primark haul in pictures 2014

Pink blouse- £8*
White embellished blouse- £12*
Skirt- £5*
Black jumper- £12*
Denim dress- £12*
Miffy PJ bottoms- £4*
Miffy slippers- £2
White boyfriend t-shirt- £2
Skinny joggers- £7*
Dressing gown- £10*
Socks- £2*
Touchscreen gloves- £1.50
Combs- £1*
Umbrella- £4

I may have been shopping in Primark again...woops! I've been a couple of times in the last week so I thought I would take some pictures so you can see what I got. As you can see I'm loving collard items at the moment and Primark are doing well with their items. 

If you'd rather watch my Primark Haul video and see the items in more detail, you can HERE

I hope you like the bits I got!


  1. Love your picks! Great post!

    Looks like a fantastic trip! I'm jealous!

    Samantha xo

  2. Love that denim dress really need to pop into primark!

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  4. Beautiful tops - you can never go wrong with the little collared jumpers :o). Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  5. I love the collared tops Faye, you always pick up such lovely buys on your Primark trips :) xx

  6. Such a great haul!! :)
    I've been searching for the Miffy PJ bottoms for what feels like forever now and haven't been able to get them. They are just so cute!

  7. Really want to get my hands on that denim dress! And I love the patterned skirt!

  8. i really like the blouses in the top picture, they're so pretty and go will so many things!

  9. I was just about to buy an almost identical black jumper with a white lace collar from asos for £28. Thanks for posting this! Think I'll be going into Primark instead!

  10. fussy socks are always the best. I love them when I am cold.

  11. Loved what you bought! Hopefully I can get the skirt and the black jumper which are greaaaaaat!


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