Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Origins GinZing Moisturiser

Today’s post is focusing on this scrumptious little beauty; Origins Ginzing Energy-boosting Moisturiser. When this was realised I was immediately struck by the sound of it as everybody was raving about the gorgeous orange scent and the ability it had to make you feel awake.

I didn’t quite fancy splurging on it myself so I asked for it for Christmas and thankfully Dan got it for me. The cute, sleek and vibrant packaging didn’t let me down and I was even more entranced when I opened the lid to smell the gorgeous orange scent.
The moisturiser is oil-free which is always a plus as my skin can border on being oily; it contains skin-boosters like Panex Ginseng and Coffee Bean which is what gives it the awakening effect.
I love the texture of this moisturiser, it’s not too thick and feels really light, without it being runny and transparent. It sinks into my skin perfectly and immediately creates a subtle tingling feeling, making me feel refreshed.
I have been using this moisturiser morning and night because I love it so much. I can’t see it running out any time soon because a little goes a long way.
Has anybody else tried this or wanting to?


  1. I got this for Christmas aswell and I just love the scent, it's amazing! I agree that it definitely leaves your skin feeling more refreshed too.

    Jess // Jess Who?

  2. I really want to try Origins product the all look amazing!

  3. I've never tried anything from Origins, I keep hearing such great things about their stuff though. Might have to investigate!

  4. I've heard nothing but good things about this moisturiser! I really think I need to bite the bullet and just buy it.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts :) xx

  5. I love the eye cream of this! I need to try the moisturiser too.

  6. I got this for Christmas too and I love it, my skin feels so much more radiant! x


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