Sunday, 24 November 2013

Primark video shoot!

I've been a bit quiet on the blog this week but I've come back with a very exciting post!

I was amazed to be contacted by Primark a few weeks ago to be part of a video shoot for a Christmas campaign for their new website. It was even more exciting when I found out my friend Megan, who's also got a fabulous blog, was doing it too and her uni friend Nick was joining us aswell. 

So on Friday I headed to Primark HQ which was so exciting; we had to buzz in and wait in reception for Laura who was going to be looking after us. Me and Megan started getting very excited being in the exciting hub of Primark. 

We were lead through the offices (which was pretty cool) until we reached head office and the studio. The studio looked amazing, with the Christmas set up and the Christmassy clothes (amazing jumpers, leggings, socks etc) all lined up ready for us. Richard and Helen were doing the filming and styling for the day and they made us feel so comfortable and made it really fun. 

I had the most amazing day with some really lovely people and I can't thank Laura and the Primark team enough. There will be teaser videos going up on Primark's Instagram before the final video goes live on their new website, so stay tuned! I will let you know when it's up anyway. 

I hope you like the photos and if you want to see some more, check out my Instagram

If this doesn't make you excited for Christmas, I don't know what will!! 


  1. This just got me even more excited for Christmas. Love when you and Meg are together making content as well x

    Lauren | What Lauren Says

  2. Omg this looks so amazing!you all must be feeling so Christmassy now!:)x

  3. Aww Faye I love this post!! I had the best time with you :) love you girly xxx

  4. Everything looks amazing! x

  5. I am so jealous! Primark have some really lovely Christmasy stuff in this year - I especially love the leggings! x

    Hannah @ Cutes and Fruits

  6. So much festivity! I LOVE IT!! :D
    Primark do Christmas so well! It looks like you had a lot of fun in the primark christmas grotto! :)

    Charlotte xx


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