Sunday, 10 November 2013

LUSH haul

I have been craving baths a lot more lately; I love the idea of just laying in warmth and relaxing, so I knew it was about time to invest in some LUSH treats. The bottom two bombs are the first ones I got, but on a little shopping trip yesterday, I bought four Christmassy ones. 

I've already used Fizzbanger as I love this one, it has popping candy in it and smells delicious. I'm super excited to use the Chrismassy ones but they're almost too pretty to use. 

I do think their products are slightly overpriced; £3.95 to enjoy a bath? But nonetheless, they do make a bath much more enjoyable don't they? And how AMAZING is this packaging? 

I've got five lovely baths to look forward to so I'm happy and I think the spending will be worth it.

Who else loves a LUSH bath? Which products are your favourites?


  1. Lush has got so many wonderful things in at the minute! x

  2. Ooh it's all so pretty!that packaging is so nice!:)x

  3. I cut bubble bars in half, my clever husband can cut a bath bomb in half as well, still plenty of bubbles/smell/fizz!!

  4. All these posts on Lush stuff is making me want to run and get some myself! x

  5. Soo many lush hauls lately! They're making me want some goodies myself. I love a good lush bath but I don't have a store anywhere near me... and I think part of the fun is going in and having a sniff of everything first .xx

    Gemma // DuggyDimples

  6. I LOVE Lush & I love baths! It's always worth the overspending when you're in a warm bath. I recently had the father christmas bath bomb. A lovely scent. xx


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