Sunday, 18 August 2013

San Francisco

Onto the next part of our American Adventure...San Francisco.
Upon reflection I think San Francisco had to be one of my favourite places on our trip. I loved how there was everything you needed in the city but it wasn't too crazy.
We stayed in a hostel, Hotel International near Union Square to be precise. This was the first and only hostel either of us have stayed in and it was amazing. We had a private room so it was basically like a hotel anyway. The staff were SO helpful and friendly and the security was really comforting.
We both loved Union Square as the shopping was so good (we also fell in love with The Cheesecake Factory) and I loved how easy it was to get around; we used the $2 trains/trams/buses, especially when we headed to Pier 39 and areas like that.
One of my fondest memories (even though it hurt at the time) had to be biking over the Golden Gate bridge; we hired bikes from Pier 41 and got a discount as we were staying in a hostel and set off on the 8 mile ride (so Dan tells me).
It was quite tough at times, although my fitness level is 0 so I'm sure for most people it'd be a breeze, but it was well worth it.
Cycling and standing on the bridge was very serial but very breath taking. We decided to cycle to the Italian-esque town of Sausalito which was so pretty and then get the ferry back as my bottom couldn't handle anymore. We actually ended up getting the wrong ferry back and ended up getting off at Pier 1 and having to cycle back to 41, oops.
A lot of these pictures were taken in the Haight area and the Alamo Streets as I really loved the vibe and architecture. I also really loved the vintage shops in the Haight area and I wish I had more money that I could've spent. San Francisco is SO pretty with the beautifully made buildings and the fact it's a seaside city.
We both decided that we would probably never want to visit San Francisco again, not because we didn't like it but because we thought we had done everything that we wanted to, but I've changed my mind; I loved the relaxed city vibe and I would love to be apart of that again one day.
If you like to see our time in San Francisco then check out this vlog HERE or here:
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  1. it looks amazing! i would love to see the golden gate bridge! Really enjoying looking at the places you visited, a few are definitely gonna go on my list of places to visit! :)
    kelly xxx

  2. I went in May and went on the bike ride too, loved it :)
    < My avatar is actually me near the Golden Gate bridge.

  3. what a fine day it was! love all those graffiti on the street!

    Check out my latest outfit post on blog! :)

  4. Aww would love to go there! The pics are great too!

    Pipp xx

  5. Aww would love to go there! The pics are great too!

    Pipp xx

  6. Gorgeous photos!

  7. Gorgeous photos!


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