Thursday, 8 August 2013

next stop...Yosemite



Next stop: Yosemite National Park. After spending four nights in Las Vegas we got our hire car and started the long leg to Yosemite. Although the car journey took almost 9 hours, it was one of our favourite days as we drove through the vast Death Valley and the beautiful Yosemite, along the Tioga Pass. At times we had to switch our air con off to avoid the car over heating so we were melting but the landscapes made up for this.

Driving on the Tioga Pass, through Yosemite had to be one of my favourite parts of the entire trip, it was like being in a magical kingdom with the glistening lakes, gorgeous waterfalls and miles of pretty woodland. It was such a lovely change from the bright lights of Las Vegas and it really was something.

We stayed in Cedar Lodge which meant we had to drive into the park the next day but it wasn’t very far and it was easy on the eyes anyway. We had geekily bought hiking boots with us as we wanted to explore the park as much as we could in a day. We decided to do the uphill walk to the Nevada falls and it was gorgeous. It was quite tough at times but the waterfalls were incredible.
This was definitely a highlight of both of our trips and I would urge anyone that can go to go! I would love to go back, I doubt I will but it would be amazing. The thought of camping here every year with your family would be perfect.

Who else has been to Yosemite?


  1. Lovely blog, new follower! Love your youtube vids! xxx

  2. These pictures are beautiful, sounds like you had a wonderful if not roasting time! xxx

  3. must have been a great trip!


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