Monday, 22 July 2013

Las Vegas & Grand Canyon

So these are the pictures from the next part of our American Adventure; we set off to Las Vegas after spending five days in New York which you can see HERE.

We stayed at The Luxor in Las Vegas which was surprisingly good as it was so cheap when we booked it. It was rather tacky but that's what we were expecting. I had a bit of a culture shock when we arrived with the smoking everywhere, drinking early in the morning, women dancing on the tables, the ridiculous heat and the craziness at night.

I did end up 'getting it' but I would personally not rush back. We were on travellers' budgets so struggled to fully enjoy the Las Vegas experience in my opinion.

I loved the immediacy of everything including having  Urban Outfitters on our doorstep! The pool area was pretty good so we enjoyed lounging by there in the daytime as it was too hot to do much else!

One of our favourite days was a trip to the Grand Canyon, it took a sixteen hour all round coach journey but it was truly worth it. It was something that just can't be described in words and it was a great experience; I'm so glad I can say I've been there now. I would really recommend people do the trip if they can.

You can see our Las Vegas and Grand Canyon time in this vlog.
Who else has been here? I hope you like the photos, including the gimmicky one!


  1. I wish I could visit the US, especially Las Vegas. So jealous! xx

  2. I also went to Las Vegas and The Grand Canyon in May (after a little tour of the West Coast). The Grand Canyon is unbelievable isn't it, so vast, and quiet even though there were lots of people there! Great pics!
    Jenny x

  3. I love Vegas! Its my favourite place I would go back every year if i could afford it haha! Great pics :)


  4. Haha love the photo of you "falling off the edge"
    You got some great shots!

  5. I went in April, they are amazing places, along with Death Valley and San Fransisco. This makes me miss it so much!! I love your blog and youtube! :-) xxxxx


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