Sunday, 14 July 2013

fish n' chips


Sorry about this rather picture heavy post but I am loving taking my camera out and about with me and I wanted to share some of my favourite photos. I went to the cute beach town that is Whistable yesterday with my two pals Lydia and Anna. It was the perfect evening filled with sunshine, ice creams, the sea, pebbles, fish & chips and giggles.

If you live anywhere near Whistable in Kent then you will know how lovely it is in the evening with the beautiful sunset; it really was gorgeous. I'm so glad we decided to 'pop' down there and I already want to go back. I hope you like these lifestyle posts, I certainly love sharing my outings and photos with you!

What has everyone else been doing in this amazing weather?


  1. It looks so nice!so summery!almost like being away on holiday!:)

  2. I love going down there! Fish & chips followed by an ice-cream on the beach, life doesn't get much better than that :) I love going down to Herne Bay too!

    Nicole xx

  3. These pictures are so beautiful! Looks like you had a wonderful time! xxx

  4. I love your blog and videos¡¡ but could you do more outfit videos :(

    and please take a look at my blog

    pd. congratulations from Spain and sorry for my english ;)



  5. Its a lovely idea to share lifestyle posts, These pictures look great, sounds like you had a fab day
    nicole x

  6. A really lovely post, great pictures! What camera do you have? I've recently bought a Nikon digital SLR and I'm taking it almost everywhere i go! Love it!
    Jenny xx

  7. I am from Canterbury and my parents live there now, lovely place :)


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