Sunday, 28 April 2013

something on a sunday: tidy room, tidy life

Picture One: Shelves- Homebase, Perfume bottles- Anna Sui & Paul Smith
Picture Two: Perfume bottle: Paul Smith
Picture Three: Glass jar- Trago Mills
Picture Four: Duvet- Primark, Cushions-Cath Kidston, Dunelm Mill etc
Picture Five: Floral storage boxes- Dunelm Mill, White basket-Wilkinsons
Picture Six- Box and Vanity Case- DIY covered
I have always been a bit of a hoarder, ever since I was a little girl. My parents always used to call me 'the bag lady' as I stuffed handbags everywhere in my room.

Recently I've been getting really frustrated with my room and all my stuff. After being inspired by Nouvelle Daily and other websites, I decided to sort my life room out.

I got rid of a lot of DVDs I didn't want and asked my Mum nicely if I could store the rest of them elsewhere.

I rearranged my shelves, making them look more organised by mixing up my DVDs and books and adding little items such as perfume bottles. I have always kept my empty perfume bottles, sometimes having other peoples. I just can't throw a way a pretty item. Luckily they came in handy for my little design change.

I used a storage idea from Nouvelle by putting my prettiest nail polishes in this glass jar. I love the way it looks and I think it's such a great idea.

I can never seem to throw away old magazines either, even though I know I will never look at them again. I decided to recycle the majority of them but keep my favourites and display them nicely.

I also sorted out my book shelf in a similar way and it makes it look so much better.

This is a bit of a different post to normal but I wanted to share this little change with you; I'm really getting into interior design and can't wait to have my own big space to start experimenting.

Having a clean, tidy room has made me feel so much better in myself, I know that sounds so strange but it's so nice to be in an organised environment.

I hope you like what I've done and I hope you get some great ideas from Nouvelle Daily too. I love interior design blogposts and it's nice that I can show you a bit of my room.


  1. How lovely is this.

  2. Aw, your room looks so cute! I love Paige toon books too, she is my favourite author :) xo

  3. Your room looks lovely that way, simple and chic.

    xx, Athena!

  4. This all looks so lovely, I need some shelving for my room!

  5. This all looks so lovely, I need some shelving for my room!

  6. Your room is absolutely gorgeous! So so pretty! I love it! And that duvet cover! It's incredible, I looked everywhere in my local Primark but just couldn't find it! xxx

  7. You have a lovely room! Mines always a mess it just takes to much effort to tidy and only stays tidy for 1 week at the very most!

  8. Oh wow, this is incredible.
    I've been thinking about changing my room up a bit because it's a bit of a mess at the moment. You've given me some great ideas here.
    Very excited to get stuck in.

  9. Your room is so nice! Love the polishes in a jar, so adorable!
    .Georgina Clare.

  10. oh my god i wish my room was this clean and tidy and nice. Mine is just SO messy and cluttered and ugh it makes my mind cluttered.. but I don't know where to start hahah

  11. I love this way of storing stuff :) It looks so clean and tidy!!


  12. There's actually no better feeling than giving your room a good ol' tidy, it's like you feel cleansed! I'm a massive hoarder too, particularly with magazines so I may take a leaf out of your book Faye as your room looks beaut.

  13. Your room is beautiful. I love the way you've used the jar to put nail polishes in. :) xo

  14. It looks gorgeous, I love the nail polish jar. I can't wait to get my own place either, bring on interior design! xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  15. WOW your room is mega nice, mine is a complete mess haha! Love this!


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