Wednesday, 24 April 2013

mini collective haul in pictures


Ojon Dry Recovery Travel Size: £6 each
Vans Authentic Navy Blue: £45
Tribal Maxi Skirt: Primark: £10
Rucksack: Urban Outfitters: £22
Moomin PJs: Primark: £5 top, £7 bottoms
Boots: New Look from Trago Mills: £10
I'm trying to be good with money at the moment and I'm attempting to justify everything before I buy it (ignore the boots and PJs...they were too cute).

The skirt, Vans and bag were bought for my trip to America in June so I'm classing them as 'practical'. I didn't actually have to spend a penny on the Vans as I had traded in some old uni books to Amazon and used the money to buy the Vans, bonus!

If you want to see me talking about the items in more detail, take a watch of my video:


  1. These boots were such a good find for £10! xx

  2. love your boots and vans xx

  3. That.Skirt.I.Need.It.NOW!!

    I hope you have an amazing time in te US! I wish my boyfriend liked to travel a little bit more :(


  4. Oh, that skirt <3 I love the pattern and the colour :) Have a great time!!


  5. I remeber the MOOMINS! I loved them love the pj's :)

    Pipp xx


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