Wednesday, 13 February 2013

just an everyday outfit...

Jacket: Primark
Cardigan: H&M
Top: All Saints
Jeans: Topshop
Boots: New Look
I wore this outfit when I went to uni the other day. I know it's not very exciting but not all outfits can be amazing right?

I think it's nice to see what people actually wear day to day and this is just something I put together quickly.

I'm currently getting ready to go out for dinner and a bit of window shopping with my friend Sarah. I can't wait to get out the house, it feels like I've been stuck indoors  a lot lately.

Did everybody enjoy pancake day?


  1. It really is nice to see daily wear fashion :) nice post and you're really cute!

    <3 Adi
    My blog - Coffee. Beauty. Life.

  2. My day to day outfits are usually quite like this too! I always find that something cosy for uni is best. And who didn't enjoy pancake day!!

    louisejoyb x

  3. I love your style! Do you know if those boots are still in stock at all or did you buy them a while ago?

    Thanks :) xx

  4. I have a really similar jacket to hat one from h&m, I'm loving it! Loving leather sleeves at the moment haha your hair looks gorgeous!

  5. I love your style you always look really nice!! Love your hair too

  6. This is such a lovely outfit! I love seeing casual, everyday outfits because they are something I would realistically go and buy and wear! :) xx

  7. I adore your style and found you through your Youtube channel! I love this and I wanted to let you know that you've been nominated for the Liebster Award on my blog :) xx

  8. Thanks for all your lovely comments.
    I'm glad you like the everyday outfit :)
    The boots are fairly old now I'm afraid! Xx

  9. Hello dear! I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a liebster award! I know you've already been nominated, do If you don't want to go through the all process, you can just answer my questions on my blog, that will be perfect ;)

    much love! xx



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