Sunday, 20 January 2013

something on a sunday: snow day

Snowy Sundays are for wintry walks, baking and sitting by the fire with a hot chocolate smothered in cream and marshmallows.

Unfortunately this wasn’t my snowy Sunday. I woke up in a bit of a panic to drive home from my boyfriends so I didn’t get snowed in (trust me, I would’ve loved to have been snowed in but he had work.)

I had a slightly tricky drive home as I live ‘in the sticks’ but I’m still alive so it’s all good. I then filmed a new haul video for my YouTube channel.

After this I decided to go on a little walk with my Dad to take some pictures with my new camera. It was a bit of a shame that the snow was falling rather quickly and it was really wet snow (are there different types?). I ended up getting quite wet and didn’t want to risk ruining my camera, so these are just a few pictures while I lasted.  In my head I had imagined me looking 'oh so sultry' in a fur collared coat and pretty boots but this is my reality…a parka and wellies!

Since then I’ve been editing my video, sorting out my blog, falling asleep on the sofa and not doing uni work…oops.

Although it wasn’t as picture perfect as I’d hoped for my snowy Sunday, I’ve still had a lovely weekend. How have your snow filled days been, or have you not had the pleasure?

Thanks for reading as usual and thanks to all my new followers! 


  1. These pictures are amazing, and you look great! xxx

  2. wow, looks like you've had loads of snow, there's barely been any where i live! xxx

  3. it's the same here! i've only just had chance to get on my laptop!

    need to do a blog post on my snow day too:) glad you got home okay!


  4. Ah there is so much snow here too, lovely photos! Great new video btw!

    Zoe | x

  5. Thank you all for your lovely comments :) xx

  6. You look super cosy in your coat and hat! The area where you've taken your photos looks like a winter wonderland!

    Beki x

  7. Aww thanks, yeah it was pretty lovely :) x


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