Monday, 21 January 2013

essie, watermelon

Essie Watermelon, £7.99
A nail polish brand that I always lust over is Essie, with its classy bottles and unique shade range.

I have a few in my collection already, including Figi, Mint Candy Apple and Van D'Go but I was really attracted to Watermelon after reading one of my favourite blogs, gh0stparties.

It's between a pink and a red and it's obviously the colour of a watermelon inside! I love how fresh and unusual the shade is and it even has a slight shimmer to it, but not overtly noticeable.

The only gripe I have with this polish is that I have found it to chip really easily/quickly. I haven't found my other shades do this as much but I think I only applied one coat, so perhaps it needs that extra coverage to stay put.

Another thing that holds me back from building up my Essie collection is the price; although I had a £2 voucher from Boots this time round, making the polish £5.99 when it would normally be £7.99. I think the retail price is pretty steep but I think the cute packaging and the variety of shades just about makes up for that right?

Who else loves the Essie polishes and their originality?


  1. Such a gorgeous shade! Perfect for the summer! :)

  2. Yeah it's so pretty, brightening up my winter for sure! xx

  3. That's such a lovely colour! xxx

  4. A perfect colour for spring/summer, looks absolutely gorgeous! :) xxx

  5. Hey lovely :) I've nominated you for my Liebster Award!

    Check it out :)


  6. I've never tried any of the Essie nail polishes but I'm always lusting after them. This colour has got to be one of my favourites xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  7. Thanks for your comments :) xx


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