Sunday, 16 September 2012

make me blush

I wanted to share this amazing Look blusher with you. I had wanted it for ages after seeing Lily really loved it. The shade Flirt seemed just the thing for me with the dark pink/red shade with a subtle gold glitter/sparkle. I didn't used to like the shimmery look but I love it at the moment.

This is amazingly pigmented and doesn’t take much to apply. I only have to gently dab it with my stippling brush and it applies nearly enough. I would say you have to be careful with this because the first time I applied it I looked like a clown (oops).

I wasn’t so keen on paying £8 in Superdrug on this but it’s on offer at the moment for £4 so I jumped at the chance.

Look Make Me Blush in Flirt
Superdrug, £4
I really like the pink box, I think it’s cute and retro but I think they ruined the rest of it with the silver casing. I do like the fact it has a mirror so it means it doubles up in your handbag.

It looks a bit corally here which I apoligise for. Although it has got a coral tint to it.
I would definitely recommend this blusher, especially as it’s only £4 at the moment. It’s so pretty and makes your skin look pretty flawless. It’s definitely my new favourite (along with my Sleek blush in Rose Gold which I’ll be blogging about soon). This blusher works even better with a touch of MAC MSF in Soft Gentle which I’m excited to show you aswell.

I hope you’re all having good weekends. I had my last shift at my supermarket job today which I’m so happy about! It was OK for a couple of years but I’d really had enough. No more early Sunday mornings!
I’m now going to attempt to get some uni work done before I start in two weeks.
What have you all been up to?

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  1. I'm really getting into blushers at the moment. £4 is a really good deal

    style sincerity



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