Sunday, 30 September 2012

something on a sunday: autumn picks

Hello everyone!
So this is my second post for my new feature 'something on a sunday'. Today I'm bringing you my Autumn picks...what I like and what I hope you might like in the stores at the moment.
I've decided to pick my favourite five of jumpers, boots, jackets and coats...everything you'll need for a cold Autumn's day.
I hope you like the items I'm sharing. 

Topshop knitted camouflage jumper (£40)- I really love this. It's different and I bet it's rather cosy
Topshop knitted nep texture jumper (£36)- A lovely coloured essential
Topshop knitted multi bobble jumper (£50)- I love the unusual pattern in this, shame it's pricey!
River Island pink cosmic print sweater (£30)- I think this is pretty and different
River Island bright coral jumper (£25)- This would be great to brighten a dull Autumn day

Topshop mighty black leather zip boots (£45)- I actually have these boots, they're so comfy and lovely
Topshop April classic chelsea boots (£62)- I'm loving the chelsea boot t
River Island black stud western boots (£70)- These are rather nice but pretty expensive
ASOS deny wedge high top trainers (£36)- I know these are an odd choice but high tops seem to be coming back in and I bet they're warm
New Look teen studded boots (£22.99)- These are actually from the teen section of New Look but they're really pretty

River Island grey funnel neck coatigan (£65)- I keep eyeing this coatigan but I think it would swamp me but I still love it
Topshop textured fur collar boyfriend coat (£110)- This is amazing but too expensive for me
River Island red pu sleeve fall away biker jacket (£55)- I love this jacket and it also comes in grey (although it's not online)
New Look monochrome print waterfall knit coat (£59.99)- This is really unusual for New Look, I think it's rather amazing
River Island grey mixed yarn slouch blazer (£50)- Very similar to the first but different specks of colour

I hope you like my Autumn picks. The boots are all black I realise because that's what I tend to go for. If you fancy brown then there's still plenty to choose from.

Thank you for reading!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

something on a sunday

Hello ladies!

I hope you are all having good weekends.
I used to work Sundays but today is my first non working Sunday and I felt the need to start a weekly blog feature. It's going to be called 'something on a sunday' (thanks to my friend Lydia) which means it will be something I've been wanting to show you like a wishlist or my latest instagram pictures. It will be nice to have a little play every week and do something a bit different!

So here's what I've been eyeing up this week...

I went shopping yesterday and i saw a few things I liked the look of. Along with these things I saw a gorgeous River Island jacket and a Forever 21 fur gilet but I can't find the online links for them.

So I had the urge for a new MAC lipstick yesterday and I've been thinking about Morange rather a lot. It's a shocking orange/red shade which would look great with a simple outfit. I didn't however buy this so I'm going to do some more swatching of it before I decide. I've also been eyeing up these lush Topshop vectras. They're a bit different from their original ones because they're swede and the studs are bigger. After seeing Lily wearing Essie Cute as a Button I fell in love with the colour and now I'm very tempted. These River Island heart earrings are very cute but I'm put off by the £6 price tag, tight I know. I really need to get this new spray by Tresemme as it's better than half price in Superdrug at the moment. I have been wanting to change my hair routine a bit and wanting to treat my dead ends a bit so I'm hoping this will work.

I hope you liked my wishlist this Sunday and it would be great if you looked out for my new feature next Sunday!

I start uni this week so it's going to be busy busy busy.
Have a good evening and thanks for reading!

Sunday, 16 September 2012

make me blush

I wanted to share this amazing Look blusher with you. I had wanted it for ages after seeing Lily really loved it. The shade Flirt seemed just the thing for me with the dark pink/red shade with a subtle gold glitter/sparkle. I didn't used to like the shimmery look but I love it at the moment.

This is amazingly pigmented and doesn’t take much to apply. I only have to gently dab it with my stippling brush and it applies nearly enough. I would say you have to be careful with this because the first time I applied it I looked like a clown (oops).

I wasn’t so keen on paying £8 in Superdrug on this but it’s on offer at the moment for £4 so I jumped at the chance.

Look Make Me Blush in Flirt
Superdrug, £4
I really like the pink box, I think it’s cute and retro but I think they ruined the rest of it with the silver casing. I do like the fact it has a mirror so it means it doubles up in your handbag.

It looks a bit corally here which I apoligise for. Although it has got a coral tint to it.
I would definitely recommend this blusher, especially as it’s only £4 at the moment. It’s so pretty and makes your skin look pretty flawless. It’s definitely my new favourite (along with my Sleek blush in Rose Gold which I’ll be blogging about soon). This blusher works even better with a touch of MAC MSF in Soft Gentle which I’m excited to show you aswell.

I hope you’re all having good weekends. I had my last shift at my supermarket job today which I’m so happy about! It was OK for a couple of years but I’d really had enough. No more early Sunday mornings!
I’m now going to attempt to get some uni work done before I start in two weeks.
What have you all been up to?

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

holiday products and reviews

When I went on holiday I took a lot of products with me but most of them were small. I had either used the product before or I was using my holiday to trial the product so here's my thoughts on some products I took on holiday.

PS. There's a mixed lot here...nail, hair, scent and skin products...

Sure Long Lasting Protection, Clear Pure Crystal (£1.63, Superdrug)
Before I went on holiday I was running out of deodorant and obviously everyone needs an anti-perspirant on holiday. My Garnier one wasn’t cutting it anymore so I asked my friends what they used and my friend Lydia recommended this Sure one. I’m glad I got this because it’s a very good anti-perspirant. It doesn’t last 48 hours like it claims but do any of them? This is on offer at the moment in most places so get your hand on some.
Superdrug Nail Polish Remover (mini, 79p)
I actually got this is my stocking last Christmas and I found it in my products box just before going away. It was the perfect size to take with me on holiday and it’s a decent remover. So cheap so worth a holiday buy.
Rimmel 5 in 1 Nail Treat Base & Top Coat, Total Action Care (£4.59)
This is my go-to nail product. It’s a five in one which means you only need to take one polish rather than a base and a coat. I have used this for years and it’s well worth the money. It lasts a pretty long time considering and it prevents chips extremely well. My nails are never discoloured or brittle either.
Models Own Hedkandi, Hedonist (£5, 10% student discount/free delivery at ASOS, offers on Models Own)
Staying with nail products this was the only nail polish I wore/took on holiday. I only had to reapply once and that was mainly due to me biting. My toe nails were completely in place despite wearing flip flops and sandles all week and in the sand and sea most days. I was really impressed with how Hedonist managed in the conditions and it’s an amazing holiday shade, especially with a tan!
Soap & Glory, The Righteous Butter (mini, £2.50)
So I bought some Soap & Glory minis for my holiday because they were on offer and I’d never owned Soap & Glory products before. I wasn’t particularly impressed by the Righteous Butter unfortunately. Compared to my cheapish body moisturiser, I found this really sticky after application. I’m not sure whether I applied it right or used too much but I wasn’t entirely convinced by its moisturising abilities. Its such a shame I didn’t get on well with it though because the smell is amazing!
Soap & Glory, Hand Food (£2.50, Boots)
Now this however, I love! It smells gorgeous and it feels really moisturising without being sticky. I can’t pick any holes out of the Soap & Glory packaging; it’s amazing and probably my favourite out of most skincare. This is definitely worth a purchase for your hand bag!
Tresemmé Heat Defence Styling Spray (mini)
I use the bigger version of this every day so I knew I had to take this in some form because of the heat my hair would endure all week. I found this adorable mini version in Boots so grabbed it with the others. This is definitely a must for me; my hair never feels great on a holiday what with swimming in the sea and pool, sand and using heat tools. This is so cheap and small it’s definitely a worthwhile purchase for a holiday. It really is amazing at taming your hair and keeping the split ends away.
Lee Stafford Hairspray (mini)
I needed to take a hairspray with me to help hold my curls. This was the only really mini hairspray I could find. It’s a firm hold so it means you get really awful crispy hair if you spray too much. It smells really strong and not nice at all. I wouldn’t ever buy this in big form. The only good thing about this is the cute pink bottle.
Nivea Pearl & Beauty Anti-Perspirant (mini)
I wanted to take a really mini anti-perspirant with me so I could take it in my beach bag when I went out for the day. I have to be honest and say that I never really needed this thanks to the Sure Anti-Perspirant!
Impulse, Romantic Spark (£1.99)
I’ve spoken about this scent before but I knew I had to take one of these on holiday with me to quickly spray over me whenever (instead of wasting my perfume). Although I always used to see Impulse as a teenager thing, I’ve started really liking some of the scents. This one is my favourite and it doesn’t smell cheap at all. If anything this is a dupe for Marc Jacobs Daisy. I’ve also recently purchased the new scent, Sweet Smile as it was on offer and it is surprisingly very nice. It is very sweet but I like that.
Collection 2000 Cream Puff Lip Cream x2, Fairy Cake & Cotton Candy, (£2.99)
So I’ve shared my love for these before on my blog but I’m loving them all over again. I decided to take them on holiday with me because they’re light and cheap which meant I wouldn’t have been too upset if I lost them. They were so great to quickly apply for the day or night and I find them pretty long lasting so they were definitely my go-to lip products for my holiday. I love that I brought a pink and a coral shade which meant I had two different variations.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

holiday pictures...

So my last post was my holiday outfits and this post is my holiday snaps. A few people said they would be interested in having a nosy so I was happy to show you.

Basically I went on holiday with my boyfriend and his family. We went to Protaras in Cyprus and stayed in a villa. I've never been to Cyprus, I kind of thought it was for grannies (not sure why) but I would definately recommend Protaras for families and couples (I sound like it's my job) was lovely!

Me and my boyfriend Dan celebrated our six years anniversary while we were there, so we went out for a meal that night. We also hired a quad bike one day so we could go exploring (a must do) and another day we went on an amazing boat trip (about 10 other people turned up for this huge catamaran). Most of the other days were spent chilling at the beautiful Konnos Bay or Cape Greco.

Anyway enjoy! (p.s Dan doesn't like his photo being taken...hence his silly faces)

Well I hoped you liked my photo post!
Stay tuned for my holiday products reviews!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

holiday outfits


Sorry I have been absent the past week or so, I have been on holiday! I went to Cyprus with my boyfriend and his family and it was so lovely. It was so hot there so it was really hard to know what to wear but I got my boyfriend to take pictures of me before we went out in the evenings, so here's a little peak into my holiday wardrobe...

Dress: Topshop (charity shop)
Sandles: New Look
Bag: Topshop
Top: H&M
Skirt: New Look (sale)
Belt: Primark
Bag: Topshop
Top: H&M
Skirt: Topshop
Belt: my Dad's
Sandles: New Look
Dress: ASOS (sale)
Sandles: Primark
Bag: Topshop
The last outfit is probably my favourite outfit because I love the dress so much. There's something about a white dress when you're tanned, which is why I wore it near the end of my holiday!

I thought I would show you some 'outtakes' because my boyfriend Dan got rather fed up with me bossing him about with the photos, so there's some pretty funny ones. He's very tall, so many of the pictures were at such a high angle (hence picture three). Enjoy...

lol/Dan mimicking me/taking high angle to the extreme/oops

I hoped you liked my photos!

Would anybody like to see any general snaps from my holiday?
I'm also thinking about doing a post about the products I took on holiday and how they faired.


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