Sunday, 12 August 2012

my favourite summer nail polishes.

I hope you are all having nice relaxing sundays. I unfortunately have been at work but I only work Sundays so I suppose I shouldn't complain. I'm not sure about you but I'm really excited about the Olympics closing ceremony tonight. I have enjoyed the Olympics but in a way I'm glad it's over now; I can get back to watching the tv I usually do!

I've been very lucky in the last week as I have been awarded the Liebster Award from two lovely bloggers. It's basically an award given to fellow bloggers who have less than 200 followers. The lovely Emily and Hollie have both given me this award lately which I'm really grateful for because it's nice to know someones reading my blog!

I'm going to cheat a bit with the 'award rules' though because I have had a similar award before and answered similar questions before so I don't want to bore you. I do however want to encourage you to go and visit both of these girl's blogs though because I love both of their blogs...


Thanks again girls!

Moving on however...

I have been wearing these two extremely bright nail polishes a lot recently and wanted to share them with you. I really think both of them are the perfect summery nail polishes...even if we haven't had the perfect summer.

So my favourite summer nail polishes are Model's Own Beach Party and Hedonist from the HedKandi collection. I have also got Balearic Cool but I don't find it very opaque and it needs at least three coats. Obviously you can either do the Model's Own offer of buy 3, save £3 (but you have to pay delivery) or head over to ASOS with free delivery and 10% student discount.

Beach Party, Hedonist
Beach Party, Hedonist
I love these polishes. They are so bright and so vibrant. Whenever I wear them I always get compliments and they make me feel happy, brightening dull day.

I hope you like these polishes. Do any of you have them?


  1. Wow these colours are amazing, Hedonist would be my favourite out the two. I really need to invest in some neons :)


  2. They are amazing! You defo need to check these out. Xx

  3. I never actually bought these although i love the colours, and i love models own :) xx

  4. Oh you should definitely get them now!

  5. I think I might treat myself to a bottle before work. I love them both, I dont think I'll be able to choose! :)


  6. Yes you definitely should!! I love them xx

  7. These colours are so lovely :) i've purchased 'Ibiza Mix' from this collection and it's such a fun polish

    Just discovered your blog and i love it! I'm your newest follower :) Hope you'll take a wander through mine too



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