Thursday, 26 July 2012

Tresemme Liquid Gold Oil

After mistreating my hair for years with heat tools, dye and bleach, it's no surprise that my hair isn't in the best condition anymore. To be honest it still isn't AWFUL; I haven't got extremely bad split ends and I don't think it looks overly dry to other people (I hope). This might be down to the fact that I have used Tresemme's Heat Defense Styling spray as part of my daily hair routine for years, which I have found to prevent split ends pretty well.

Although my hair isn't too tragic, it doesn't feel too great to the touch and it could be in better condition. This is when today's reviewee comes in...'Tresemme Liquid Gold Argan Oil Infused Perfecting Hair Treatment'. I had heard a few great things about this drugstore product so I couldn't wait to try it when it was released in shops.

I have to say that I am slightly disappointed to be honest. Obviously everyone raves about the infamous Morrocon Oil but with my measly budget I can't afford to spend that much money on hair oil. This is when I decided to part with £6.99 and buy this Tresemme Oil.

Tresemme Liquid Gold oil, £6.99, Boots

So it claims to:

"provide the ultimate salon indulgence to instantly transform your hair. A true versatile essential to perfect its condition and manageability, helping to make styling effortless.

The lightweight, luxurious formula is instantly absorbed to help nourish and reduce frizz. Infused with natural antioxidants of argan oil, your hair will feel velvety soft, with the radiant shine of beautifully, healthy hair."

I love the packaging, it's pretty simple but quite classy and the oil smells amazing but I found it very runny and almost hard to work with (hence many spillages on my bed, doh!)

I have been using it now and again and I haven't felt or seen much difference to be honest. Maybe I should be using it everyday but I feel a product like this should work much faster than this.

Overall I am pretty disappointed but I won't bin it because it's got a lovely smell and it's not doing my hair any harm so I might aswell carry on using it. Now I really want to try VO5 Hot Oil Shower Works Moisture Soak because I have heard some good things and the price tag is quite appealing at £4.29. I like the idea that I can use it in the shower aswell because I can leave it in whilst I carry on with my shower, rather than it having to be an extra chore.  

Have any of you tried the Tresemme or VO5? I would love to know..

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