Monday, 23 April 2012

i need your fashionable opinion...

So this is quite a different post. Basically my sister is getting married in July which is very exciting and I am chief bridesmaid. I'm wearing a pretty purple dress and grey/purple swede shoes for the actual wedding but in the evening I want to change into something else and here's where you can help me!

I have seen a some beautiful Topshop dresses which could be possible candidates but I also need to choose some shoes. When I went into River Island, I fell in love with most of their shoes but they are either quite high (which I'm not cool with) or pretty pricey so I basically want your opinion on your favourite.

I hear that River Island have 20% student discount on Thursday 26th so this is why I need to get cracking.

So here are the four pairs I love:

TOP LEFT: I definately think these ones are my favourite because I love the coral colour but they are pretty high for me and they are £50. Although, with the 20% off they become a lot more appealing!

TOP RIGHT: These are completely different but they appeal to me because they aren't very high but are they pretty enough?

BOTTOM LEFT: I think I prefer these flatforms to the top right because they are slightly more delicate but again they are better for dancing!

BOTTOM RIGHT: These are just the same as the coral ones but in creamy/grey. I would say I like these ones because they are more likely to go with more than the coral ones.

I would love it if you gave me your opinion!


  1. The cream ones are lovely and would go with more so you could get a lot of wear out of them. But I'm in love with the coral ones!


  2. The coral ones are gorgeous, of the bottom left :) x

  3. Thanks for your opinions ladies :) much appreciated! Decisions decisions now! Xx

  4. Sorry if it's to late but I'm loving the coral ones, they are beautiful!

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  5. Sorry if it's to late but I'm loving the coral ones, they are beautiful!

    Lucy Loves To Blog


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