Wednesday, 18 April 2012

floral nails


I've been wanting to try out floral nails for a long time and I used to have my nails polka dot all the time. The process is nearly exactly the same but I suppose you just have to be a bit more careful.

I'm not 100% happy with these nails and the colours I used but I just see it as my first try and I did it quite quickly so if I took a lot longer and used my false nails then they would be a lot better! I just love how summery they are and they cheer me up when I look at them whilst I'm revising!

I saw Gem's post about floral nails and I do like hers more but I just thought I would show you how simple it is!

ALL YOU NEED IS: A kirby grip and nail polish.


Paint your nails with your base colour, I just used white (a Rimmel White Tip Polish)


Then with the nail polish which you want to create the middle of the flowers with, splodge a bit onto a piece of paper and carboard every time you want to dip the kirby grip in and then add two to three dots to your nails (depending on how you want the flowers). I chose to use a yellow nail polish to make them seem as summery as possible.


DA DA...
Next I got my pink polish and added about five dots around the yellow dots to crete the flower and then I added a few yellow dots in the empty spaces.

As you can see, these nails are so easy! If I can do it, then you can. Mine could be so much better and tidier but at least I know that I can do the pattern now and I can try with different colours.

Who else has tried floral nails?


  1. I sooo want to try floral nails, but I don't have very steady hands, boo! Yours look cute though :) Sam xx

  2. Aww practice makes perfect Sam, trust me! Just lay your hand on something to prop :) xx

    And thanks Gillian :) xx

  3. Well done, that does sound easy. Still wouldn't be able to do it though, I can barely paint my nails normally!

    Lucy Loves To Blog


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