Sunday, 29 April 2012


I really couldn't wait to show this outfit, even if it is pretty plain. I love this New Look dress so much. I bought it in the sale for £9 and I wear it rather a lot. I teamed it with my grey Topshop jumper the other day which also worked.

Although the dress is so simple, it's so lovely. I love the polka dots and the shape. The material is also very soft and comfy.

I normally wear my ASOS desert boots with this outfit because I like the combination.

I hope you like it and I hope you are all good. I've been at work all day today which has been boring as usual but at least it WAS raining; it always seems to be sunny when I'm at work all day, I'm starting to call it Sunny Sunday!  

Dress: New Look
Boots: ASOS

Lippy: Topshop Clueless (Review Soon)

I hope you like my simple outfit. I'll try and get my posting amount up again but I've got my exams at the moment so I'm panic revising at the moment.

Thanks for reading! 

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

the perfect summery nail polish

OK so this is just a quick post so I can have a break from revising booo!

I've got three weeks till me first uni exam for English and I'm starting to panic a bit now. English at university is so BLAH. The words that I have to read are just ridiculous and it seems like it's hard just for the sake of it. The more I do my degree the more I think, how is analysing Moby Dick helpful? Pfft anyway I'm just being very negative at the moment. Anyone else know how I feel?

I couldn't wait to show you this nail polish. I bought it ages ago now but this is the first time I've worn it with false nails and I'm in love. It's China Glaze's Flip Flop Fantasy and the only way to describe it is that it's 'WOAH'.

It's a very neon pinky/coral/orangey colour. The idea is in the's so summery and bright and it really puts a smile on my face. It sure is brightening up this horrible weather! It would look amazing on holiday when you have a bit of tan!

My pictures really don't do the colour justice and don't really convey how bright it is. Definately go and investigate if you love a bright neon colour. I bought mine on EBAY and I think it was about £7. This is pretty pricey but I think it's worth it. It has a great brush and it's lovely quality; it just glides over the nail.

It actually dries matte which I quite like but I put a top coat over it which made it glossy anyway, although I could use my matte topcoat to get that look back.

I'll stop rambling now, check out my unreliable pictures!

As I said before these picture aren't particularly helpful. (I need an amazing camera)

If you fancy a really bright summery nail polish then this is one to look into. I really love it!

Thanks for reading as always. Have any of you got this polish?

Monday, 23 April 2012

i need your fashionable opinion...

So this is quite a different post. Basically my sister is getting married in July which is very exciting and I am chief bridesmaid. I'm wearing a pretty purple dress and grey/purple swede shoes for the actual wedding but in the evening I want to change into something else and here's where you can help me!

I have seen a some beautiful Topshop dresses which could be possible candidates but I also need to choose some shoes. When I went into River Island, I fell in love with most of their shoes but they are either quite high (which I'm not cool with) or pretty pricey so I basically want your opinion on your favourite.

I hear that River Island have 20% student discount on Thursday 26th so this is why I need to get cracking.

So here are the four pairs I love:

TOP LEFT: I definately think these ones are my favourite because I love the coral colour but they are pretty high for me and they are £50. Although, with the 20% off they become a lot more appealing!

TOP RIGHT: These are completely different but they appeal to me because they aren't very high but are they pretty enough?

BOTTOM LEFT: I think I prefer these flatforms to the top right because they are slightly more delicate but again they are better for dancing!

BOTTOM RIGHT: These are just the same as the coral ones but in creamy/grey. I would say I like these ones because they are more likely to go with more than the coral ones.

I would love it if you gave me your opinion!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

floral nails


I've been wanting to try out floral nails for a long time and I used to have my nails polka dot all the time. The process is nearly exactly the same but I suppose you just have to be a bit more careful.

I'm not 100% happy with these nails and the colours I used but I just see it as my first try and I did it quite quickly so if I took a lot longer and used my false nails then they would be a lot better! I just love how summery they are and they cheer me up when I look at them whilst I'm revising!

I saw Gem's post about floral nails and I do like hers more but I just thought I would show you how simple it is!

ALL YOU NEED IS: A kirby grip and nail polish.


Paint your nails with your base colour, I just used white (a Rimmel White Tip Polish)


Then with the nail polish which you want to create the middle of the flowers with, splodge a bit onto a piece of paper and carboard every time you want to dip the kirby grip in and then add two to three dots to your nails (depending on how you want the flowers). I chose to use a yellow nail polish to make them seem as summery as possible.


DA DA...
Next I got my pink polish and added about five dots around the yellow dots to crete the flower and then I added a few yellow dots in the empty spaces.

As you can see, these nails are so easy! If I can do it, then you can. Mine could be so much better and tidier but at least I know that I can do the pattern now and I can try with different colours.

Who else has tried floral nails?

that skirt...

Hello lovely ones! I'm a very happy girl at the moment (even though I am having to revise for my uni exams) as I've just found out that I've got a very good chance of getting work experience in primary teaching which is so great because I have recently been really looking forward to the future and the thought of me being a primary school teacher!

As I said before I'm starting to slightly panic about revising as my exams are in about three weeks, ahhh! I have to read Moby Dick which I find ridiculously long and boring.

Moving on...todays blog post is just a simple outfit post because I can't believe I haven't shown you my topshop skirt before. This black skater skirt became really popular and I remember wanting it for ages but when I first tried it on, I didn't like it but I think that was because I wasn't trying it properly.

When I tried it on the second time, I just knew I had to have it. It's priced at about £15 which I don't think is too bad for Topshop when you can use student discount. I love wearing it because it is such a flattering shape and you can wear is with so many different things. My mum actually thought I was wearing a dress when I first wore this outfit! I have since discovered that they do a petite version which would probably be even better for me, being so short and all!

Anyway I hope you like my outfit!

(On reflection I realise my skirt isn't sitting high enough in this picture and my top is all funny, ah well!)
Top: M&Co
Skirt: Topshop
Flatforms: H&M

Lipstick: Topshop, Clueless

I've begun to realise how much I love Caroline Flack's style and her hair (which I secretly hope mine resembles) and I'm not sure why I've never taken much notice to her before but I am definately going to follow her looks from now on.

Has anyone else got this skirt or a skater one similar?
Who else loves the Flack?

Monday, 16 April 2012

VIDEO: my current beauty favourites.


It's really nice to see that I have a few new followers so hello and thanks for joining me!

I absolutely love hearing from you because it makes me feel more positive about my blog and encourages me to keep going.

I've got another YouTube video for you as I love making them and I find it easier to put my point across (even if I am rambling). This video features my current beauty products which I am loving!

I am also planning to do more in depth reviews about a few of these products so stay tuned.

I hope you enjoy it and if you do, please LIKE it or SUBSCRIBE, it would mean a lot to me.

So as usual, thanks for reading and hopefully thanks for watching.

Hope you enjoyed!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

L'Oreal Rouge Caresse Lipsticks

Hello there!

These lipsticks have become very popular in the blogging world so I decided I wanted to give them a go. Superdrug are doing a 3 for 2 offer on the L'Oreal products at the moment so I bought two of there lipsticks (Cheeky Magenta and Lovely Rose) from the fairly new range called L'Oreal Rouge Caresse Lipsticks and I got one of their nail polishes (Perle De Jade).

I wouldn't even really describe these as lipsticks to be honest because they are so sheer and 'balmy' in texture. The idea is that the lipstick 'caresses your lips' and acts as a very soft lipstick. They wouldn't normally be my cup of tea as I normally go for a very full covering, matte lipstick but I really like these shades.

The lipsticks aren't overly pigmented and they are fairly shiny/glossy which is nice for me to have a change for once. They are pretty pricey, in my opinion at £7.99 so I wouldn't rush out and buy them if there wasn't an offer on.

I will get on and show you them...

The packaging is alright but not overly pretty.
I think it looks pretty cheap for the price tag too.

Top: 07 Cheeky Magenta, Bottom: 03 Lovely Rose

Left: 07 Cheeky Magenta, Right: 03 Lovely Rose

This shade is probably my favourite out of the two as I do like my bright lipsticks. I would say it is a bright pink with a slight blue/purple tone to it. I felt like I could get pretty good coverage with this one as the moisturising texture of the lipsticks with a great touch for me. I really like this lipstick and it will become one of my firm favourites.

This is the far lighter colour and it definately has less coverage than Cheeky Magenta so I felt like I had to layer it up quite a bit. I was a bit unsure about this colour to start with as it seems quite shimmery and too glossy for me but the more I wear it the more I like it. I have also discovered that a mix between the two shades is lovely.

Overall I do really like these lipsticks but I would say to anyone who likes a full covering, matte lipstick, to stay away from these as they seem more like balms or glosses to me. I think they are lovely light lipsticks for the spring and I can't wait to wear them more!

I hope you've enjoyed this post. Have any of you tried these or wanted to?

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

pastel pleasure


So I haven't blogged in a while, mainly because I went away last week to Yorkshire for a 'walking' holiday which absolutely killed me because I am not a walker! I had a lovely time though with my boyfriend and his family and I have never seen so many sheep!

I wanted to show you a new favourite outfit which I wore last night to a girly night in with my lovely girlfriends. We had a funny night eating huge amounts of chinese and playing dancing games, just how it should be.

I bought this pastel jumper on ebay after seeing it on Kate's blog and it is supposed to be a Topshop jumper but goodness knows if it actually is but I still love it and the quality is really good. I love the specs of pastel colours as I've been wanting these shades in my wardrobe a lot lately. I hope you love it just as much as me!

I'm also debuting my fur coat for the first time on my blog which I'm excited to show you.

Jumper: Topshop via Ebay
Blouse: Primark
Leggings: Topshop
Flatforms: H&M

My Beautiful Coat: ASOS
(I would say it's more red is real life)

Earrings: Topshop
(which were only £4!!)
Here's the larger ones.
Lips: L'Oreal Rouge Caresse, Cheeky Magenta
(Review coming soon)

I hope you enjoyed this post and like my new jumper and my beloved coat.

Thanks for reading, feel free to give me a comment!


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