Wednesday, 14 March 2012

fancy buying some clothes?

I realised recently I had too much stuff in my wardrobe that I don't actually wear so I've decided to sell some bits. I'll post the pictures and if any of you are interested, then check out my ebay page.

Primark Tunic, Size 8

Love at Topshop dress, Size S/M

Topshop Petite dress, Size 6

Miss Selfridge Jacket/shirt, Size 8

New Look dress, Size 8

So if you like any of items then check out my ebay.


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  1. I love fancy dress and ever since high school I have been dressing up as various characters at every opportunity. I was lucky to find a whole group of like minded souls when I went to university and every weekend was party time!

    designer prom dresses.


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