Monday, 27 February 2012

VIDEO: Ombre Hair

So this is my first video for my blog...scary!

I do look and sound a bit of an idiot but I really wanted to start doing videos for my blog because I love watching other peoples. I thought a great place to start would be to show you how I dyed my hair ombre style.

The video isn't perfect and I ramble a bit but I didn't want to edit every little thing out because I like watching videos like this; it shows a bit of personality!



I used Loreal Paris Perfect Blonde Creme Highlighting Kit (which is a bleach). I didn't really explain in the video but I basically kept brushing and rubbing the creme in until I thought all of the required hair was covered.

I hoped you liked my video and look forward to more to come.

Anyone got any ideas for future videos or tips to improve my videos?

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