Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Ok so this is just a quick nail post about my new favourite nail polish: American Apparel L' Esprit.

I would describe the polish as a pale blue/purple which I love. It sometimes seems grey aswell. It's such an usual colour which is why I love it.

It cost £9 through American Apparel but I bought it on ASOS for £7 and I'm not sure why the prices were different. I think the colour must have sold out on ASOS now but they still have these polishes.
TIP: I tend to buy nail polishes on ASOS as it's free delivery. I have bought Model's Own nail polishes on there before as MO normally charge delivery (and I'm always looking for the cheapest deal.

I have also bought some new false nails since last time as I found the trimming and altering the previous ones too much work. I've bought Nailene's Petite Square nails (as I have small fingers) from ebay for about £3. I can't find a great deal at the moment but these are similar.

I already LOVE these new nails because I didn't have to alter them at all so it was far quicker and easier.

So here's my new favourite:

This is the best picture for the actual shade.

This picture makes the colour slightly darker

This is the great box of nails

I hope you love the polish just as much as me!

The quality of the polish is really impressive so I would definately recommend and buy AA nail polishes in the future.


  1. I've started wearing those nails too Faye and I love them, that's a lovely colour too :) xxx


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