Wednesday, 29 February 2012

old favourites

I hope everyone's ok and enjoyed my last blog post with my first video. I'm hoping to start doing more videos as I find it easier to get my point across, rather than trying to describe it.

In this outfit post you will see a few of my favourite items at the moment; my old Topshop blazer, my DIY shorts and a vest top from Topshop.

I've had the blazer for more than two years now and I still love it. I remember it was really expensive at the time, like £60 or something and me and my Mum went halves and I'm so glad we did because I've definately got my money's worth out of it.

These DIY shorts which I showed you in my first ever post are my favourite shorts to wear with tights or no tights. These vintage style shorts have become so popular and I got mine for free out of my Dad's old jeans!

The Topshop vest top is becoming one of my favourites. I know it's really simple and slightly boring but I really like the high neck with the blazer and I wore it with my leather jacket today. This was only about £10 and I would love to get more.

Blazer: Topshop
Top: Topshop

Shorts: DIY

Belt: Primark

A view of the top

Just realised how photo heavy this post is, sorry!

Hope you are all having a good week.

Do you have old favourites that you can still wear and love?


Monday, 27 February 2012

VIDEO: Ombre Hair

So this is my first video for my blog...scary!

I do look and sound a bit of an idiot but I really wanted to start doing videos for my blog because I love watching other peoples. I thought a great place to start would be to show you how I dyed my hair ombre style.

The video isn't perfect and I ramble a bit but I didn't want to edit every little thing out because I like watching videos like this; it shows a bit of personality!



I used Loreal Paris Perfect Blonde Creme Highlighting Kit (which is a bleach). I didn't really explain in the video but I basically kept brushing and rubbing the creme in until I thought all of the required hair was covered.

I hoped you liked my video and look forward to more to come.

Anyone got any ideas for future videos or tips to improve my videos?

Sunday, 26 February 2012

girl with the pearl blouse

I am determined to start blogging more regularly but it's very hard at the moment with all my university work but I will get there! I'm also thinking about starting doing videos for my blog, anyone think I should or any advice?

My lovely mother works for Age Concern and came home with loads of granny blouses, jumpers and skirts. Sounds a bit gross but obviously they are all clean, nearly brand new and they are amazing! The donation is 50p per item so I got some amazing bargains and I can't wait to show you. I also went shopping yesterday and bought a couple of lovely dresses so they will be featured soon, so stay tuned.

So I'm wearing one of my favourite outfits here. I absolutely love this Primark blouse, I think it's great quality and a lovely colour for such a good price; it was £10 I think which is quite expensive for Primark but still really good for what it is. I've teamed the blouse with my favourite New Look jeggings. I love the colour of these and definately need to get another pair as these are such a good price too! I finally added my Topshop cardigan which is so comfy and warm; I got it in the sale so it was £20 which is a really amazing price for a decent cardigan in Topshop.

Hope you like my outfit..

Blouse: Primark

Jeggings: New Look

Cardigan: Topshop

Model's Own: Pastel Pink

This is one of my all time favourite nail polishes. I can't stop wearing false nails at the moment and this colour is amazing painted on them. It's a pale pink, yet it stands out and it's such a lovely colour it's almost edible!

I hope you enjoyed today's post! Who else loves Model's Own Pastel Pink?

Wednesday, 22 February 2012



So yesterday I decided to take the plunge and I dyed my hair ombre which went ok but I need to put a toner onto it to make it slightly blonder.

I took a lot of blog pictures before doing my hair so you won't see my new hair till I post about it (possibly a video).

This is just a very casual outfit but I thought I would share anyway.

Jumper: Tophop (sale)
Shirt: Topshop

Monday, 20 February 2012

plain jane

I haven't blogged 'properly' in a long time. I feel a bit 'put out' by my blog lately, just because I don't know how many people actually read it/enjoy it but I'm going to carry on rambling and taking pictures and ensure my blog grows and improves.

To the people reading this now, THANK YOU.

I wore this dress on Christmas Day (wow that seems like an age away) and I really love it. I need to make sure I wear 'special dresses' in the any of you leave 'going out clothes' sitting in your wardrobe gaining cobwebs when we can totally re work it for the day?

Hope you enjoy!

Dress: River Island

Having just put these up, I realise now I look rather grumpy so I apoligise for this!

Thank you again for reading, much appreciated.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Ok so this is just a quick nail post about my new favourite nail polish: American Apparel L' Esprit.

I would describe the polish as a pale blue/purple which I love. It sometimes seems grey aswell. It's such an usual colour which is why I love it.

It cost £9 through American Apparel but I bought it on ASOS for £7 and I'm not sure why the prices were different. I think the colour must have sold out on ASOS now but they still have these polishes.
TIP: I tend to buy nail polishes on ASOS as it's free delivery. I have bought Model's Own nail polishes on there before as MO normally charge delivery (and I'm always looking for the cheapest deal.

I have also bought some new false nails since last time as I found the trimming and altering the previous ones too much work. I've bought Nailene's Petite Square nails (as I have small fingers) from ebay for about £3. I can't find a great deal at the moment but these are similar.

I already LOVE these new nails because I didn't have to alter them at all so it was far quicker and easier.

So here's my new favourite:

This is the best picture for the actual shade.

This picture makes the colour slightly darker

This is the great box of nails

I hope you love the polish just as much as me!

The quality of the polish is really impressive so I would definately recommend and buy AA nail polishes in the future.


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