Sunday, 29 January 2012

a stripey pear

Dress: New Look

Jacket: Dorothy Perkins

Decided to change my layout in this post just to mix it up a bit.

I got this dress from my boyfriend for Christmas and I love it! I had tried it on and guided him towards it (he's not that good) and it was about £15 but I can't be sure. I just love skater dresses because they suit my figure as I think my waist is my best feature as I've got a big bum and hips.

I think for around £15 the quality is amazing and I think I can wear this in the day or evening.

Thanks for reading, who else has the skater fever?

Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Hello! It's been too long.

I've been on a few shopping sprees recently so I've got some posts lined up for a bit.

This post is to introduce you to my new favourite items, a lovely leopard print blouse and bright blue jeggings. I've been wanting jeggings like these for a long time as I don't get on with jeans and I was so lucky/happy to find this blouse.

I have so much uni work piling up so I've been struggling to sort my blog out but I'm back on track.

Blouse/shirt: H&M
Jeggings: New Look
Watch: Urban Outfitters

Lips: MAC Please Me

I hope you like my outfit just as much as I do.

Thanks for reading as always!

Monday, 16 January 2012

let out the bag

This is just a quick outfit post of a new favourite item and one that I was very lucky to even be wearing.

I did a post recently (ish) about liking shirts at the moment and I was so happy to find this beauty.

My dad's a mechanic and I was over at his garage the other day and I saw a bag by the 'rag pile' and I peaked in and saw this nice looking chequed shirt. I instantly said to my Dad, "No way is this for the rags" and he said it was. Someone had brought it in, not wanting it so they could rip it up and use it as clothes. I was so shocked because I wore this shirt the next day and love it.

It's quite a funny story really but I'm very happy with my 'new' shirt.

(Another) Leather Jacket: Dorothy Perkins
Shirt: Not sure.
Leggings: H&M
Wedges: Primark

So it's not the most exciting outfit but I had to share the shirt with you.

I have just been shopping and been very successful so I'm a happy bunny.
I need something to cheer me up as I've got to finish a 3500 word essay for uni by Thursday, ahh!

Hope you are all having good weeks, thanks for reading.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

false fun

As I said I would, here is my follow-up on false nails. I used to be a complete beginner at using false nails and never did it very often but now I have the hang of it and have a few cheeky hints so hopefully I can spread the joy!

A while back someone tweeted about some specific cheap nails from ebay so I bought them as there was more than 200 sets for around £3 but unfortunately I can't find any like that but I have found these and I have heard they are good, and they're still cheap as chips... ebay nails.

So I'm going to show you how I do my nails, I'm sure it's a very long winded way but it's how I like to do it and what works best for me so I'm just hoping it will help someone else out there.

OK so these are the nails that I use, I don't use them as sets really, my finger nails are pretty teeny so I usually use the smaller ones and not the big ones, even on my thumbs. As I have so many sets it doesn't matter about wasting the bigger ones in my opinion.

So I pick them off of the set thing and I then put them to my nails and cut the sides and tips so they are the width and length I like. It's always best to file them down too, as you don't want coarse edges.

So this is when it gets slightly geeky!
So I got this idea from the wonderful Gem as it's a great way to be able to paint the nails without getting it all over your fingers.
You need five cotton buds and masking tape and then you wrap the masking tape slightly round the tip and then turn the tape slightly and then start wrapping it back the other way to ensure its sticky enough for the nail to stick.
(I really hope that makes sense, because I'm not sure it does)
You could even use double sided tape (that'd be a lot easier actually)

Then it is best to label the tape so you know which nail is which such as R1, R2 etc.

Then you paint with your colour.
(I don't usually use base coat on false nails)

Then you can add whatever you want.
Here I've done white polka dots using a white Rimmel Tip polish using the end of a kirby grip.

Models Own, Pastel Pink

And here's the finished product!
I use a really cheap nail glue, it was literally a £1 and the nails
don't start to come off till at least four days which I don't think is too bad.

There are lots like these on ebay but I would definately recommend a nail glue with a brush rather than a nib as it goes on more evenly.

I hope my instructions make sense, it all takes a bit of practice so don't panic if you don't get it to begin with. I have one last TIP: if you want to get rid of the nails but they are still stuck on, I find using my teeth and biting them off is the best but BE CAREFUL because you do not want to damage your nails.

Hope someone finds this just as helpful and useful as me!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

gosh glitter.

I've had a pretty hectic weekend with going out with my girls, a family gathering and work. I really want to show you my outfit from going out as I love my dress so I need to find the best picture as I forgot to take a picture before I went out.

I recently purchased the GOSH nail glitter as I am a regular reader of Lily's blog and she has recently posted about it. I can't find a link for this at the moment but it was £3-£4 from Superdrug. I have been wearing fake nails a lot more recently so I might do a follow up post on how I do my fake nails as I was pants to start with and it's always good to have some advice!

I bought the nail glitter in 'Rose Quartz, 11' but there are other colours

The pot is TINY

Ok so you have to do a coat of base/top coat to ensure the nail glitter sticks and I used this cheap ebay false nails which I will post about in the near future.

So the pot has a little lid to ensure the glitter doesn't get EVERYWHERE. I actually found it better to put some of the glitter in here rather than be worried about spilling the whole put of glitter everywhere and then put the excess back in.

I just put the nail in with the base coat on and pressed down with my finger or a nail tool to ensure the glitter stuck everywhere.
(I definately found this was the easiest way to put the glitter on as my whole nail wouldn't fit it properly and evenly distribute so I would find this process hard without fake nails.)

...this is the finished product!
The whole process did take quite a long time but I was prepared to waste spend my time doing them.

I love the colour and the fact it's quite matte but it is very fiddly and the pot is slightly too small. I had read that you couldnt use top coat because it stuck to the brush so I used an oldish topcoat and I thought it was fine, you just have to wait for it to dry properly. Overall I'm a very happy bunny.

Hope you enjoyed reading!

Monday, 2 January 2012

i feel like peter pan

This is just a quick post to share my recent bargain, a cute peter pan collared top from Primark for £6.

I think it might be a new favourite.

As I haven't said it already, I hope everyone has a great New Year. that sounds scary! One of my resolutions is BLOG MORE...

The lip product I'm wearing is Fearne's glossy lips in the red colour on the right:

As always, thanks for reading!


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