Thursday, 15 December 2011


I have decided to write a post about something that I really love.

I didn't take Art for GCSE or A Level and I really regret it now because I was pretty good at it and I'm a creative person and feel like I may have gone down the wrong route. I'm sure there's a lot of you out there that will understand what I'm saying; I just feel like I was too young to decide at about fourteen what route I wanted to go down, even though there's plenty of time for me to change. Anyway, lets not go into politics.

So I had to find another way of getting creative so I started going to an art class every weekend, where I get to create clay sculptures. I must have started when I was about thirteen, I'm not really sure. That's now about seven years ago and it will probably be time I move on soon but I still love going and I really feel like I have made strong progress over the years. Anyway one of my more recent pieces gave me inspiration to post this because I love it, I've called her 'Beauty', I hope you enjoy this random post!

(I apologise in advance for the ugly big size of the pictures but it helps to see the sculpture)

I don't want you to bore you with the technical information but this piece is what's called a 'relief' which I think  simply means a flat sculpture with protruding shapes and curves to create a 3D effect. This is not my own idea, I have used an American artist's piece, Bill Mack (who's is better obviously).

Hoping the 3D is clearer in this picture!

So if people respond well to this post then I might post some of my other pieces!


  1. You have an amazing talent! Do share more of your artwork. I too understand what you're feeling as I still freak out from time to time wondering what am I going to do with my life. Everyone around me thinks I'm a nut because I'm still young and have got time to figure it out. But it still scares me haha!



  2. I love this sculpture Faye! Your so talented! I've given you a blog award today by the way :)

  3. This is so lovely, I love the distressed feeling it has. It would definitely be at home on an exterior wall of a gorgeous tuscan villa. x

  4. Janet: Thank you for your lovely comment :) xx

    Meg: Thanks so much Meg :) xx

    Boscy: I definately agree with you here, thanks! xx

  5. Your sculpture is amazing! Although you didn't take art at GCSE or A Level, your work obviously proves you didn't need to. I took it at GCSE, you weren't really missing out on much! xx

  6. awww wow that is amazing your talented! Xx


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