Tuesday, 22 November 2011

take me to tiffanys

This is actually my first scheduled post because I was so in the mood to post on Sunday night so I thought I would post it in a couple of days rather than post two posts in one night. I really want to start taking outdoor pictures but I would have to get someone to take the photos and that makes me nervous but I really need to experiment with this.

I absolutely love my outfit in these pictures, I feel really happy with my wardrobe at the moment, I've been going shopping so much recently that it would be bad for my not to be happy. I really need to stop spending now Christmas is on the way.

I feel really classy in this outfit for some reason, I think it has a bit of a retro feel to it and I feel almost Audrey Hepburn esque even though I don't look like her! I am so happy with my new coat, I had walked past the H&M window and thought "ohh i like that" but my boyfriend dragged me a way and I'm glad he did because I found it for half the price last week so it was only £20 which I think is amazing! I actually like the coat undone too which is normally rare and the fur can be detached, so in love!

Coat: H&M
Jeans: Topshop
Wedged Boots: Primark

I love my £1 hair bun at the moment because it's so easy and I love how good it looks. My hair bun has been a joke with me and my friend as I bought a white one because I didn't realise they even did brown ones so I must purchase one even though I can normally hide the bun pretty well!

I apoligise for this posey picture, I was really struggling to get a full length shot and this was the best one. I must invest in a camera tri pod because I take photos using a stall and a mini drawers at the moment and it isn't ideal!

Top: H&M
Cardi: H&M
Belt: Primark
Jeans: Topshop
Boots: Primark
I bought these gorgeous boots last year in the sale in Primark, at the time I thought they were pricey for Primark at £15 even in the sale but I am so glad I bought them because I love them and they are so worth the money. They are a size too big because they didn't have my size but I just wear an extra pair of socks and tie the shoe laces up tight and they are so comfy which is an added bonus!


These were my favourite nails last week, I love how cute they are and they made me happy when I looked at them. The white is just a Rimmel nail tip polish and the cute purple is Barry M, Berry. I have since painted my nails white with black polka dots (previously posted about) and I had about five compliments at work today from customers, from both men and women so that made me smile.

Barry M, Berry
Rimmel, Nail Tip Whitener

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog!
Would love to hear from you.


  1. I love that coat! I'm glad you waited, haha I recently got two coats from H&M too both for half off! I only paid $70 for both... which is about £40 :) I love your blog, I just followed :)




  2. Really love the boots, theyre so cute. The nails look amazing too!


  3. Great outfit hun, love the boots! Cute nails!!



  4. I love the fur trimmed coat, I've got my eye on one in the Asos sale at the moment :) xx

  5. That coat is serisouly gorgeous! I love your hair as well, I want a fringe again :( damn my short hair! The wedges are really cool too, primark is doing pretty well atm :') xxx

  6. I love your boots!! I can't believe they were only £15!! Bargain! Lovely blog by the way


  7. Girl! I love your bangs! I've just cut mine again but straight across. Love your long arc.


  8. Thank you everyone for all of your lovely comments, means a lot :) xx

  9. Wow your nails look so cute
    Love your coat and shoes, beautiful Xx


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