Sunday, 6 November 2011

she's so cinderella

I've finally finished one of my assignments today which is in for this week but I've still got to write another one so I have a quick window to post! I went to a firework display yesterday and then I went out for my friend's birthday and I found it quite comical how my outfit and look completely transformed. I thought I would share my almost 'before and after' photos with you because I'm sure you'll find it pretty funny too, as my boyfriend and I did.

Ok so this is my frumpy farmer look which I wore to my local firework display:
Hat: H&M
Coat: New Look
Scarf: Miss Selfridge

And this is my almost Cinderella transformation for my night out:

Dress: Peacocks
Bag: (A little shop in Brighton, called JuJu I think)
Socks: Asos
Wedges: New Look
I love this outfit I have to admit, I love the classic shape of this dress and it was only about £20 when I bought it. I also thought I would go for socks with my swede wedges to add a little something. They are really cute up close as they are lacy with a frill but you can't really appreciate them or my wedges in this picture unfortunately! I bought this lovely little bag years ago in Brighton and it's been my little treasure ever since.

Who else thinks with a little bit of make up and quick change, we can transform so comically?


  1. Gorgeous! haha i really like the first outfit though, super cute, but obviously the second is more glamorous! haha a few layers of fake tan, false eyelashes and back-combing my hair and i'm completely transformed for the night too!!

  2. Cute hat & nice dress :)


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