Thursday, 13 October 2011

pulp fashion

So this is probably going to be a short/quick post as I am trying to finish some English reading that needs to be done by tomorrow (the bane of my life at the moment). I have been taking outfit pictures but not actually posting about them so I may post them soon if I think they are worth sharing.

I went to Lakeside shopping centre the other day as it is pretty close to me and it pretty huge. It's basically a class lower than Bluewater shopping centre if any of you know either. My main goal was to search through the three floors of Primark they have there. I had recently taken a trip to Primark and bought a zebra pattern onesie which is truly one of my favourite things now because I love wearing my PJs (probably put them on as early as I can) so this is just another item to add to my comfort wear! I wasn't particularly successful in Lakeside Primark, probably only because it's so huge that I started to feel like it was becoming a chore to find something good. I did however find this gem of a leather jacket! I already have a leather jacket with fur around the collar which I love but I really wanted one without fur, just to be able to have the choice. It was only £20 and it's pretty good quality so I'm very chuffed. I had a bit of a disaster trying to find my size as they had every size but a ten. I really wanted the eight as it was so fitted but that was the problem it was too fitted that I probably wouldn't have been able to get a cardigan underneath. I walked out of the shop feeling pretty down that they didn't have my size but for some reason I went back about twenty minutes later and guess what...they had one ten! It was destiny...

Jacket: Primark
Tunic: Topshop
Scarf: Miss Selfride
I wore this outfit when I went to see the Cirque Eloize iD show last night which is basically a French dance/circus group doing a two hour show of amazing acrobatic tricks and some beautiful dancing. I would say that I was slightly disappointed with the urban dancing when it happened so I didn't think they needed to have that but overall I had a great night.

Uma in Pulp Fiction
I recently watched Pulp Fiction and I felt inspired by Uma Thurman's nails in the film. She wore a beautiful dark blood red colour and from then on I wanted to try it out for myself. I have noticed the colour becoming popular recently aswell. I raded my mum's nail varnish collection and found Barry M Raspberry and it was the perfect colour for what I was after. I tried taking a picture but it didn't give the colour justice and it made them much brighter than they are. Here's a picture of the nail varnish instead although I've just noticed that you can see it in my outfit pictures.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my post!


  1. The nail polish looks nice and love the jacket

  2. Hi Faye,
    Your jacket is lovely with the scarf.


  3. that jacket is amazing, you look beauuutiful!
    I've never watched pulp fiction before...I'm worried I'm missing out!!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  4. Zoe: Thanks very much :) x

    Rosamond: Thank yoou for your comment :) x

    Faye: A fellow Faye hehe! Thanks for the lovely comment :) aww it is a good film but very weird! Love her style in the film! x

  5. It's so unfair you found such a beautiful jacket in primark fayeee, you look beautiful :)

  6. Love the scarf!

  7. Meg: Aww you just have to look carefully haha! And thank you lovely :) xxx

    Angle: Thank you for your comment :) its quite old now but I'm sure there's plenty out there atm! Xxx

  8. Love your jacket and scarf :) Xx


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