Monday, 3 October 2011

i love nail art

I have been so slack at posting recently, my only excuse is beginning my second year of Uni and struggling to juggle the work and my blog. I have taken a break from my (tiresome) reading to write a new post though. I apoligise also for not replying to my latest comments, I will check them all out shortly and aim to regularly reply. I have got to learn to multi task better!

My beloved nail collection!
My title is so brilliant again...not! It does what it says on the tin though, I do love nail art. I would say that I paint my nails once or twice a week which is probably bad for my nails really. I have noticed that they are quite badly discoloured from lack of oxygen and too much polish but it's a vicious circle now because I don't want horrible looking nails. I have been told that I should do a post about my nails as I have previously posted pictures of them but there's not much to it really. I'll take you through some of my pictures.
(Sorry about the little finger, I bite)
Model's Own Pastel Pink, Model's Own Top Turquoise
Model's Own Pastel Pink, Nails Inc Jermyn Street (I think)

Barry M Berry, Model's Own Pastel Pink
Basically I love the leopard print nail art and I originally saw the technique on the brilliant gemfatale's blog where she gives a handy tip about using eye liner if you don't have a nail pen. I only recently invested in a nail pen as I bought two nail polishes and the nail pen from Model's Own when they had their 50% offer on. Now I have got the nail pen I don't think I will ever go back, it was slightly pricey but it's so easy to use. Gem's leopard print technique has become pretty famous around the blogging world so here is the Youtube tutorial as I couldn't get the exact blog post link. Definately check out Gem's Tuesday Tips as there are some brilliant ones there!

This is the picture which I previously posted and I was asked how I did it. Basically I just painted them white and used the nail pen to do the dots (yes it's that easy). I would definately recommend buying a nail pen if you are into nail art because you can do so much with them, I could have made the dots bigger if I wanted to for example! Again I got this idea from Gem as she posted about another girl's Youtube video on how to use every day items to create polka dots. I love using this technique as you can use all different colours rather than just black (with the nail pen). I would definately recommend the kirby/hair grip idea as this has always worked brilliantly for me.

No7 Me! Me! Me!, Rimmel Nail Tip Whitener
I did my nails like this yesterday as I had a lot of time on my hands, I basically painted my nails with a base coat and I would definately recommend using a base and top coat everytime as it can protect your nails if you are painting them regularly (like moi). I always use the 'Rimmel 5 in 1 Base and Top Coat Total Care Action'. It's about £4 but very worth it. I then painted a coat of No7 Me! Me! Me! which is a lovely colour and then used the Rimmel Tip Whitener which is in the previous picture and painted the corner white. With my nail pen I painted the dots on. I love these nails as it's something different to what I usually do.

I hope you have enjoyed my nail post and I would love to know if you have any great nail ideas of if you try any of these out?


  1. Amazing nails!! Thanks for the links and the lovely words :D
    Love them all but especially the first leopard look and the black and white polka dots!
    Thanks again, keep up the fab nail art! <3

  2. Thank you :) no problem, your blog is my fave :)
    Thanks for the lovely comment, will keep it up thanks to you :) x

  3. Thanks Faye - I've never attempted nail art, but I'm going to try now! Will post results if it looks any good (it probably won't, but I'll give it a shot anyway) x

  4. Lara: No problem, good luck with your nails, be positive :) would love to see them! X

  5. You are so creative!
    I love love nail art but I'm rubbish at it. =/ I'm trying to get better though. I would love to see nail tutorials if you can make a post about it. ^_^.

    Take care,

  6. Aww thank you, practice makes perfect! :)
    I mainly get my ideas from other people so I will be happy to pass on ideas and give links! I would definately recommend you go on Gemfatales blog :) x

  7. owww I love those nail designs specially the leopard print :) I'm growing my nails at the moment can't wait to try things like this out!

  8. loved reading this, I brought the models own nail pen yesterday aws a treat and did polka dot nails last night - i was suprised at how easy it was! I'm excited to try the leopard print look :) I'm probably really dumb but with the nail pen should there be two sections to it? On the instructions it makes it look like theres a pen nib and then a brush but I can only find a brush in mine?
    Take care <3 Holz oxo


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