Thursday, 29 September 2011

work work work

Top: Allsaints

Denim Shirt: Primark

Sandles: New Look

Sorry for spamming this post with so many pictures! I wore this outfit on my second day back at uni as I wanted something comfortable. I love this top so much, its from Allsaints which is normally way too expensive for me so I nearly always just buy stuff in there when it's on sale. Admittidly this top was still very expensive, I think it was £42 but I had a work bonus one month and had been eyeing it up for ages. I love the cape like style (similar to my stripey top and it's so different and as I said before, comfortable. I love the pattern because it's almost tribal. I decided to wear my Primark denim shirt with it as I haven't worn it for ages and I've been seeing a lot around lately. It was really hot that day so I hardly wore it anyway. These are my sandles which I like to wear when the sun comes out, they're from trusty New Look so they are so comfy and I love them as they go with nearly everything.

I went shopping this evening with my friends as I've just had my student loan through so I felt naughty but I didn't actually end up spending that much. I bought ANOTHER jumper in H&M which was only £9.99 and a top in Urban Outfitters sale for £12 something with student discount. I also got some lip gloss/stick by Collection 2000 which I already love so I will take some pictures of my new buys soon.

I'm off to see Lee Evans at the 02 tomorrow night with my boyfriend and I can't wait because I love him, he's my favourite comedian. He's so stupid but he really makes me giggle. I can't wait to have a break from uni already because I feel like I've had so much reading to do and it's only my first week.

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  1. So jealous you're going to see Lee Evans!! Love himm :) This top is amazing, so easy to wear, and those nails are brill! :)

  2. oo nice top faye! I also love your nails, fancy doing a post telling me how to do them? xxx

  3. oh I love your nails again!! definitely do a post on nailart
    thanks for following-following you right back xx

  4. Angie: Aww he was so good, such a good night :) thanks I love it :) and thanks, check out my latest post :) xx

    Strawberry Freckleface: Thanks for your lovely commenting, need to check out your blog :)

    Meg: Thanks love :) check out my latest post :) xx

    Lara: Thank yoou :) I have now so check it out! Thanks for following ;) xx


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