Monday, 12 September 2011

a new start

I have decided to create a new blog, just because sometimes I feel like writing more general things rather than my film reviews on my other blog. I have started getting cold symptoms today and haven't felt like doing I didn't. I got so bored that I thought maybe I should make this blog which I have wanted to do in a long time. I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to write about yet, possibly my clothes, my life and other (probably pretty boring) things. The idea of 'Faye's Fix' is that I have this feeling that I really want to write something so this is where I will share it. I need to work out how to do the layouts again but for now this lovely (eugh) faded pink will have to do.

I thought I could photo my new 'I <3 NY' tee courtesy of the lovely Sarah and my DIY denim shorts so that's where I have started with my new blog. When I started taking pictures and looking at them I thought 'CRINGE' but what the hell, I have a lot of time on my hands so why not.

I have recently dyed my hair (again) as I was beginning to go an awful colour and had to get rid of it. I'm still not entirely sure about it but it will grow out eventually, only hair I guess.

Who knows how long I can keep this up and how interesting it will be but for me it will be a place to go when I need a little type. If you are actually reading this then thanks but don't worry if you never come back!

My new hair colour, bit dark?
My tee from actual NYC where I dream of going!

Soz about the dodgey picture quality, I cropped it and this happend...

These are my 'DIY shorts' which I made from my Dad's old work jeans. I did these ages ago and pretty much just cut the legs off where I wanted them. I always wear them as they are just so comfy and easy to wear and they are pretty 'in' at the moment which is an added bonus. The tights I'm wearing in the picture are from Sainsbury's and I was so impressed as I've wanted thick patterned tights for ages and they were reduced to £3, so bargain!

It's been pretty random but I have quite enjoyed chattering away so until next time, ta rah!


  1. Thought I'd provide you with your first comment fayee...I love those shorts, I even went to my Dad and asked if he had any I could cut up hahaa and your hair is beautiful, you give me hair envy every time I see you you mean girl :P xxx

  2. Yay thanks for commenting hehe! Aww thank you m'dear, been feeling poo about my hair so that's nice! Also getting old jeans is easy if you pop into a charity shop :)xx

  3. i love your shorts (and the outfit hehe), i tried to make some out of old jeans aswell a while back but they went terribly wrong haha! your 'diy denim jacket' is lovely too!:) x

  4. gorgeous outfit! I love the shorts! also got the same tee, from a friend who visited NYC ( Lucky Girl! )
    Em xx

  5. Rosie: Thanks for commenting :)) I'm sure if you had another go it would go well this time :) xx

    Emma: Thanks :) aww love it, so jealous of them! Xx

  6. love the blog dear :D

    newest follower !!

    xox Effy


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